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    Brands launch unusual campaigns as festival fever grips India

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    The festival season has well and truly begun with brands and marketers becoming hyper active to grab attention of consumers. With Dushhera just a week away and Diwali round the corner brands are trying to be as innovative and creative as possible to lure shoppers. Here are some campaigns that will ensure the consumer sits…

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    Psychographic-based advertising new rage in marketing technology

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    The use of analytics in advertising and marketing has seen a huge surge in recent times. The use of demographics to locate a consumer and send him location based advertisement is already showing results to many brands. But the latest innovation is an advertising and analytics platform that uses user psychographics, creative analytics and product…

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    The use of analytics boosts effectiveness of email marketing

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    India has more than 137 million internet users already and is the third largest internet population in the world. Email marketing continues to be the most cost-efficient medium to engage with customers. The only inconsistency in this medium was lack of analytics and permission based marketing. But with increased use of analytics and consumer insights…

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    CASE STUDY: Nokia Lumia 510

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    Campaign: TRENDIFY IT Client: Nokia Lumia 510 Agency: Maxus India Background: Nokia’s mission is simple: Connecting People. The goal has always been to build great mobile products that enable billions of people worldwide to enjoy more of what life has to offer. In 1994, Nokia launched the 2100 series, the first phones to feature the Nokia…

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    The mall at your fingertips

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    Online shopping in India and why it’s here to stay Shopping can often be frustrating. The crowds, the queues, the confused cashiers, are all even more unmanageable during sales. Enter online shopping. An urban Indian craze that has not yet replaced offline shopping, but won’t shock anyone if and when it does. From groceries to…

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    Top 5 brands that created new categories

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    Building a new category can be tricky for a brand that already has an identity in the market. While market development costs can be high and results might take long, if done well, eventually a successful new category means high ROI. Harish Bijoor, Brand-expert & CEO, Harish Bijoor Consults inc., lists the TOP 5 brands that…


    Do You Want a Phone with a Camera, or a Camera With a Phone?

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    We speak to consumers about many categories and brands and generally they express the top-of-mind opinion that the technology brands, by creating innovation, create consumer desire for more technological innovation. OK, a bit circular, but truth is that’s only partially true. Consumers have expectations about everything, especially technology these days, but most aren’t thinking bout…

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    Companies lack confidence of seeing Indian brands on a world stage: Wally Olins

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    Media and marketing professionals heard spell bound as Wally Olins, the English Brand Identity and Communications expert addressed them at the IAA Global Marketing Summit held in Mumbai. What really made everyone sit up were his views about Indian brands, which he said lacked confidence of seeing themselves on the world stage. Coming from a…

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    CASE STUDY: Slice

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    Campaign: Seduction in a bottle Client: Slice Agency: JWT Background: Slice was launched in India in 1993 as a refreshing mango drink and quickly went on to become a leading player in the category. In 2008, Slice was re-launched with a winning product formulation that made consumers fall in love with its taste. While other…