The use of analytics boosts effectiveness of email marketing

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computerIndia has more than 137 million internet users already and is the third largest internet population in the world. Email marketing continues to be the most cost-efficient medium to engage with customers. The only inconsistency in this medium was lack of analytics and permission based marketing. But with increased use of analytics and consumer insights this trend is changing much to the benefit of email marketers.

An example of a company which relies exclusively on email marketing to talk about itself is 99labels.com. This online retailer has partnered with national and international brands and brings out event based online sales for a limited period of time. It offers lifestyle products. For 99labels, email marketing is a key engagement activity and is a crucial contributor to the revenues.

Talking about the best practices in the industry, Naveen Bachwani, Head of Experian Marketing Services said, “The effectiveness of email marketing can only be altered for better once you have the right customer at the right time reading the right mail. Such precision based email marketing involves a lot of analytics. With the use of analytics, we target our client’s consumer based on their behavioral trends already observed.” Experian’s CheetahMail claims to increase the revenue of 99labels by 181 per cent. The increase in the web portal’s revenue can primarily be attributed to the effectiveness of emails in catching the attention of the consumer when he is most likely to respond.

Makemytrip’s email based marketing approach is another example of how emails can be used to interact with customers. Makemytrip’s promotional emails appear before your screens based on your last travel, current travel trends and offers which are most likely to be picked by you. According to Bachwani, “Use of more and more analytics before an email is dispatched can do wonders to revenues of an online retailer, only if your emails contain the information which your client is looking for. The challenge is how to judge or predict his need at that moment.” Experian services have used local maps to be sent based on where a recipient opens the email, to drive traffic to offline locations. Email providers are also displaying tweets related to the brand or event using keywords and hashtags. With the use of Hashtags, the information can be segregated and brings together the relevant clientele on one platform.

Speaking about the significance of email marketing and partnership with Experian, Donald Kwag, Head of Marketing, STAR CJ said, “Experian prompt response and fast resolutions for all issues /concerns raised is one of their USP’s. Their creativity and zeal to try and execute new things on email marketing is what we like best. With them we are seeing our best numbers in terms of open rate, Click Through Rate’s (CTR) and conversions.”

Gmail’s new multi-tabbed inbox, which relegates marketing mails to a “promotions” mailbox, has caused panic among companies which rely heavily on email marketing. Brands like Croma have encouraged Gmail users to know about the new organization of tabs in Gmail and also prompted them to drop the emails from their company into the primary tab. Once that email is shifted to the primary tab, reaching out, identifying and informing customers with specific information about the services will just be a click away.

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