Top 5 brands that created new categories

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Harish Bijoor

Harish Bijoor

Building a new category can be tricky for a brand that already has an identity in the market. While market development costs can be high and results might take long, if done well, eventually a successful new category means high ROI. Harish Bijoor, Brand-expert & CEO, Harish Bijoor Consults inc., lists the TOP 5 brands that created a new category and emerged successful.


1 Maggi: Nestle India Ltd. Introduced Maggi brand to the Indian consumers with the launch of Maggo 2 minutes Noodles, an instant food product, in 1982. Since then, Maggi has been leading the category. Maggi fought with the Indian eating habits and nestle promoted its product as a concept and later as a brand.
2 Cocoberry: When competitive players like Baskin Robbins, Naturals and Gelato seemed immovable, Cocoberry made a healthy entry into the category of guilt-free desserts. Curd as an ingredient has a long and deep association with the Indian consumers and clicked instantly with them.
3 Ford EcoSport:It is a compact SUV that delivers the features of a SUV at the convenient price of a hatchback. The cars in the SUV category were huge and expensive. So, EcoSport from Ford Motor Company catered to the need of owning an SUV that can be used more for personal use. It is sporty and appeals to the younger generation at large.
4 Kellogg’s: Kellogg’s corn flakes created a category of a healthy and easy-to-make breakfast. Though it had to fight the Indian mindset of oily and heavy breakfast of paranthas and puris, it has emerged as a winner with more and more people getting heath conscious.
5 Park Avenue Beer shampoo: The Beer Shampoo that claims to celebrate ‘man’s hair’ has created a new category of shampoo for men. Targeting the fast evolving man, the product is presented as overtly masculine. The goodness of beer for hair and the love that men hold for it has become a USP of the product.

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