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siemens-logoAdvertising technology that supports millions of lives every day, often goes unnoticed. This is the challenge faced by most of the technology providers but Siemens India has taken a creative route to connect with the end consumers – a story of a ‘dabbawala’ in Mumbai.

Siemens India recently launched an innovative digital media campaign which is also an extension of the Answers campaign followed globally by Siemens. The campaign which has used creative story telling techniques to deliver the message to end consumers is aimed at establishing Siemens as a sustainable technology leader.

Speaking about the campaign, Head of Digital Media at Siemens India, Sudhir M D said, “We have made the end-user the protagonist as well as the narrator of the story. We have kicked off the story series with the dabbawalas who use the Mumbai local trains to deliver lunch to over 200,000 office-goers and residences on time. We have brought the element of story-telling right into our creative approach.”

The conceptualization of the campaign is done by Ogilvy whereas the digital agency managing the campaign is Quasar and digital assets were created by Conrad-Caine, Munich. The campaign is planned to run for a duration of six months.

The campaign features a dabbawala named Kiran Gavande narrating his story and how he goes about his life. The online banners direct the website visitors to the video on Youtube brand channel of Siemens, which then directs the visitor to the Siemens web site with details on the actual Siemens technology that has contributed to the dabbawala’s life. The story connects the consumer and the dabbawala, and towards the end signifies similar characteristics of the dabbawala and Siemens technologies. Both aid the smooth running of millions of lives in Mumbai and wordwide. Prashant Mishra, Professor, Marketing, IIM Calcutta commented on the campaign,“Such campaigns usually win accolades but fail to establish a connect with the story and their message, though the dabbawala story has done well to show how efficiently the dabbawalas just like Siemens technology, improve lives.” He added more about the campaign saying, “The duration of six months is usually long for any running campaign but I think it makes sense as such videos need some screen time to reach out to their audience.”

The ‘Answers’ program is designed to demonstrate the lasting impact of Siemens technologies to improve lives, improve cities and improve businesses for the better. This is achieved through a creative strategy designed to simply reveal the truth about Siemens, and reveal the brand’s greatness. In an age of increasing transparency, enabled by digital and social media, telling the truth is the strongest statement a brand can make, especially since target audiences can now very quickly discover what the truth is.

Interestingly, the campaign has been launched at the same time when Anurag Kashyap Films Pvt Ltd released ‘The Lunchbox’, on the life of a ‘dabba’. The film is reportedly doing well and is a strong contender to mark the Indian presence at the Academy awards this time. Does it have to do anything with Siemens launching their own dabbawala story? Even if it was not planned, it definitely is grabbing eyeballs and views on Youtube.

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