Top 5 campaigns featuring kids

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Brand-expert & CEO, Harish Bijoor of Harish Bijoor Consults inc., lists the TOP 5 campaigns featuring kids that became game changers for the brands.


1 Flipkart.com’s ‘India Wants to Know’: The campaign created by Happy Creative Services aimed at educating consumers about the benefits, ease and convenience of shopping on Flipkart.com, using the ‘kids as adults’ theme. The campaign instigated the new users to log on to the website to shop.
2 Oreo’s ‘Father-daughter bonding’: The little girl pretends to be her mother and offers Oreo biscuit as refreshment. The brand cleverly promoted the ‘family bond’ and the innocence of the girl won the hearts of viewers.
3 Britannia’s ‘Yeh cheese badi hai swast swast’: Britannia took the help of kids to convey how healthy a slice of cheese could be for anyone. A kid singing the famous bollywood number ‘ye cheese badi hai mast mast’ added fun to the facts and created a high recall for the brand.
4 Kit Kat’s Dancing Babies: The TVC features adorable dancing babies that start drumming and swaying too, while a student takes a Kit Kat break in between his lectures. The video garnered 1,626,530 views in a matter of 15 days on Youtube.
5 Colgate’s Parents’ Day: A kid introduces his father on Parents’ Day in school as a dentist and his father informs children about how brushing teeth is an important part of one’s daily routine. A girl innocently asks him that if dentists protected their teeth then who protected the dentists’ teeth and the answer is Colgate. The naive attitude of children once again attracted the attention of viewers.

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