Top Five experiential marketing campaigns

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TOP-5-AIn the 21st century, brands interact with consumers in unbelievable ways at various touch points. It is the way customers experience the brand each time that makes an impact on their minds and helps with purchasing decisions. Experiential marketing has found its way into the marketing mix and brands use offline activities as well as online innovations to help customers with the brand experience. Gayatri Shrikhande, Writer and brand ideator, chlorophyll brand and communications consultancy picks 5 of the best experiential campaigns and initiatives that India has seen this year.

1 Homeshop18: Originally a home-shopping TV channel, Homeshop 18 has now started India’s first virtual, mobile aided shopping experience. At Terminal 3 of New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi Aiport, the virtual wall shows a range of products that passengers can shop for by scanning the products’ QR codes on their mobile phones. They are directed to the website from where they can have the product delivered straight to their doorstep and even pay cash on delivery. A simple idea with a simple execution plan!
2 Coca-Cola: There couldn’t have been a better way to promote unity between India and Pakistan. To bring the people of India and Pakistan closer, Coca-Cola used ‘Small World Machines’ placed in malls in New Delhi and Lahore. Through 3D touch-screens, shoppers in both countries were encouraged to interact with their counterparts. They could join hands, wave, draw peace signs, and even dance together. At the end of it, the machine dispensed a can of Coca-Cola to each one. It took the ‘Open Happiness’ concept to an entirely new level.
3 Mahindra Monastery Escape: To give adventure enthusiasts the authentic Himalayan experience, Mahindra’s SUVs are off on the ongoing Mahindra Monastery Escape campaign. From Delhi to Leh, this journey is pitched as the ‘drive of a lifetime’ and is an annual event, becoming more and more popular every year.
4 Puma Social club: The Puma Social Club in Bengaluru is a new and attractive place for the ‘after-hours athlete’ to hang out in. It offers food, beverages, quirky gizmos, a Super Mario console and even a breathalyzer machine to check if you can drive yourself home. Puma Social is reinforcing the fact that Puma isn’t just a sports brand; it’s a sports lifestyle brand.
5 Maybelline: Maybelline India’s Super Stay 14-hour lipstick was launched with a social-media driven activity in Mumbai recently. Through a 14-hour countdown, people across the country were asked to tweet about things that finished too quickly using the Twitter handle #doesntlastlongenough. The more the tweets, the quicker the product would be revealed. The responses were used to form the shape of the lipstick, which appeared on a large screen on a 25-feet high recreation of New York’s Times Square; an absolutely in-your-face revelation.

By Gayatri Shrikhande, Writer and brand ideator, chlorophyll brand and communications consultancy

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