Innovative and creative campaigns on social media help construct a positive brand image

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ICICI-LombardICICI Lombard General Insurance projects itself as a brand with a conscience on social media.

Whether it is to raise funds for some upcoming campaign or to raise awareness about their own moral standpoint regarding several social issues, brands have been using social awareness campaigns to position themselves as socially conscious brands. APAC markets such as India, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia are high on socially conscious consumers and brands are fast realising this. Nielson’s latest Global survey on Corporate Social Responsibility reveals that from 2011 to 2013 willingness to spend more increased in 43 out of 58 countries measured. New media has served this objective well by providing those tools with which brands can drive home their message. ICICI Lombard General insurance is a brand with a conscience or so it likes us to believe. It has used social campaigns to project itself as a brand with a conscience that is concerned about the safety of citizens.

Brands are bringing offline experiences to the social media platform and creating campaigns that expect greater user engagement. YouTube has served as the ideal social medium for this purpose. ICICI Lombard has uploaded videos on Youtube as part of its “Drive home safe” campaign. The video titled ‘Cop Experiment’ focuses on analysing the behaviour of motorists with respect to traffic rules. It juxtaposes the motorist’s behaviour in absence of a traffic cop with that in the presence of a traffic cop. The video, shot in traffic heavy junctions in Mumbai, shows how motorists in general display a lack of road sense and how the mere presence of a cop instils a sense of fear leading to the following of traffic rules. A series of videos is planned on similar lines to ensure that the message is taken forward and creates additional impact. It’s an effort on the part of the brand to raise awareness about road safety and get people talking about the social good emerging from the campaign.

Speaking about the initiative, Mr. Shankar Nath, Head, Marketing & Direct said “Being a leading player in the Motor insurance segment, it is imperative for us at ICICI Lombard to participate in the efforts towards promoting Road safety. Adopting innovative measures on social media will help us connect better with our target audience and help promote the cause of Safe driving among India’s young population’.

With almost 100000 views of videos on Youtube uploaded by the company, the campaign has got off to a great start.

Leveraging the power of Facebook, the brand has introduced an innovative “Belt Up India” mobile app on its Facebook page where social media regulars can come together and pledge to wear a seatbelt to remain safe on the roads. With every click a #beltupindia pledge is taken which results in expanding the virtual safety belt across India. The company had set a target of 10,000 clicks and has already crossed this milestone.

As part of its ‘Drive Home Safe’ initiative, ICICI Lombard has also shot several home videos of kids kids requesting their parents to follow all the traffic rules and regulations and come home safe. The videos capture the emotion of each child who eagerly awaits the parents’ arrival each day. The key message behind each video is that parents are responsible not only for their safety but also for the safety of their children.

By Rashi Bisaria

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