Colgate loses the battle against Pepsodent in Delhi High Court

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colgateThe Delhi High Court has dismissed the injunction petition filed by Colgate against the Pepsodent Germicheck Superior Power advertisement. HUL’s spokesperson expressed his satisfaction saying.”We are very pleased with this and are eagerly awaiting the orders from the court.” The Pepsodent-Colgate ad war which started on August 11 with the release of Pepsodent’s latest TVC that blatantly used Colgate’s name in their ad claiming 130 per cent better protection, led Colgate to file a case in Delhi High Court on August 13, 2013. The court stated that the commercial does not “denigrate” the product of the competitor Colgate.

The controversial TVC that dragged the two FMCG majors to court portrayed Pepsodent Germicheck Plus Superior Power as a breakthrough innovation which is scientifically proven to have 130% germ attack power benchmarked against Colgate Strong Teeth. Earlier after the release of the TVC, when HUL was asked the reason behind using Colgate’s name in the advertisement Atul Sinha, Category Head – Oral Care, Hindustan Unilever Limited said, “It makes the consumers aware in a manner that is most relevant to them and enables them to make a more informed choice of the toothpaste they buy for their families. We have done this as a truthful representation of our scientific tests in a very responsible manner.”

The campaign has created a buzz for both the brands and experts feel it will create publicity for Pepsodent as well as Colgate. Speaking about it, AG Krishnamurthy, the Founder, Chairman and Managing Director of Mudra Communications said, “Comparative advertisement works only if it is between the number 2 and number 1, otherwise it does not matter.”

For now, the two brands are basking in the buzz the controversy has generated.

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