Top 5 Ways in which Facebook’s clickable Hashtag is used for greater insight and brand engagement

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1 Brands are able to become a part of real-time conversations by using this innovative feature. Tracking and using threads of conversations becomes easier for brands on Facebook. The Facebook Hashtag brings immediacy to content and reactions for brands. It serves as an aggregator, making it easier for brands to follow all conversation about a particular product or campaign.
2 Brands can add the Hashtag to status updates and comments so that fans can also use those updates and comments as they pop up. This will lead to increased engagement with the brand. New campaigns and features can be made popular by using this feature and brands can maintain a consistent branding message using the Hashtag
3 Hashtags can help brands in investigating what people’s views about the brand are. By searching for the Hashtag created by the brand, it can become privy to conversations and views about itself.
4 It’s best to come up with a Hashtag for your brand that is not just relevant but also unique to help it stand out in the clutter. Hashtags, if used with the Facebook cover photo can help promote the hashtag for that brand.
5 Hashtags that a brand uses on other platforms that are connected to its Facebook page will become searchable on Facebook. It is another clever way to direct conversations and drive the engagement towards the brand and its features.

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