Fever Entertainment gets “Jungle Book Jive” to India, explores newer sources of entertainment

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jungle-fAfter Noddy and Ben 10, its Mowgli’s turn to enthral children as Fever Entertainment prepares to get the Jungle book characters to perform an 80 minute musical called the “Jungle Book Jive”. The live show, which has been produced by an Australian production house, is the third event of this kind by Fever which has created a niche in the family entertainment space. Last year it had brought Noddy to India in another musical extravaganza that was produced by a London based production house. In January, Fever collaborated with an Australian production house to showcase Ben 10 with all the special effects.

Fever has caught the pulse of the audience and is catering to a long-standing need for such live entertainment on a grand scale. Puja Sharma, Business Head, Fever Entertainment says that the reason for bringing Jungle Book to India was because of its mass appeal. Most people have grown up reading the Jungle Book and it’s a great connect not only with the kids but also with the parents, she said. Fever claims that the theme has seen a good response and the tickets are selling well.

Puja Sharma, Business Head, Fever Entertainment

Puja Sharma, Business Head, Fever Entertainment

But behind the buzz and actual ticket sales, is hectic promotional activity that Fever Entertainment has undertaken to generate interest. The promotions for the musicals have been in line with the international stature of the shows. “We are using our own media, but we are using a lot of digital, we are doing a lot of on ground activities in malls and a 360 degree promotion with print and radio. There are a lot of outdoor activities coming up in Delhi and NCR. There are cinema screens in PVR that are showing the promos. We are promoting in the schools through contests, leaflets etc,” adds Sharma.

Fever claims to have invested around Rs 3-4 crore for hosting 12 shows over a period of five days which includes the media spend. The show will target kids between the age group of 4-12 years and adults from 30-45 years.

Fever Entertainment tied up with the Australian production house for marketing, and promotion of this extravaganza and feels the time is apt for its launch. “This is a good time to do such a show because schools are re-opening and we do a lot of school shows. Out of our 12 shows 3-4 are school morning shows where school children come as a part of an excursion,” Sharma says.

Fever Entertainment is looking at exploring new ways to entertain the country. The brand focuses on youth as a large category and mass as the other.

Fever has tried its best to reach out to the target audience .Marketing the Jungle Book Jive has been a mix of both ATL and BTL activities. Fever has conducted contests on Google, Rediff, Facebook to increase ticket sales. Tickets range from Rs 500 to Rs 2000. Fever is looking at a return on investment of 40 per cent from the show. For ticket sales, the brand is using portals like Bookmyshow and Mycityforkids as well as some on-ground centres.

The brand is depending both on ticket sales and sponsorships. It is banking on its association with children’s brands. Brands that target parents through the kids have also come on board. Twelve schools have been roped in for ticketed shows. All in all, Fever is hopeful about the outcome as there is a wide scope for such entertainment in the country and the previous shows have exceeded expectations.

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