Amul’s Memes become a rage on social media as the brand urges people to “EAT MILK WITH EVERY MEAL”

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The eye-catching Amul hoardings with tongue-in-cheek comments on the state of India boast of a fan following of their own. But as if that was not enough for Amul, the iconic dairy brand has decided to pervade the Indian consciousness with its witty memes on social media along with a print campaign. The Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation has launched a print and digital campaign to urge people to “eat milk with every meal”, showcasing the entire range of Amul’s dairy products.

The press campaign is already out in the national English dailies but the buzz has grown around the memes circulating on facebook. A Facebook App and a microsite have been developed to enable people to create their own memes with messages using their friends’ pictures. pictures. Haresh Moorjani, Group Creative Director, Draftfcb Ulka who developed the campaign

Haresh Moorjani, Group Creative Director, Draftfcb Ulka

Haresh Moorjani, Group Creative Director, Draftfcb Ulka

explained how it would ensure reader engagement with the help of a meme generator, “Social media to an extent is about empowering people to be the first with the ‘new’. The meme generator is a fun way to create your own memes with pictures of friends & colleagues and adding your own interpretation of EATS MILK WITH EVERY MEAL   and get ‘Likes’ and share and forward with one’s own community of friends and followers.”

The latest campaign makes milk appealing to the fast-food generation. Speaking about the campaign, Mr. R S Sodhi, Managing Director GCMMF Ltd. added “Milk and milk products form an integral part of the diet of every Indian. However, in this era of fast food, we do not want the goodness of milk in our food to be compromised. This campaign forms a part of our efforts to re-position milk and make our entire range of Amul dairy products trendy and appealing to all.”

The brand has kept itself youthful and current. The strategized campaign operates around 3 pillars to engage with the youth socially—through shareable content or memes, referrals and participation, and by giving power to the consumer.

For the past 30 years, Amul’s Topicals have developed a cult following and the girl in the polka dots has become synonymous with the conscience of India. But what’s commendable is that Amul has managed to remain relevant with the social media generation   by managing to take its identity to this new platform and ensuring customer engagement. Amul launched its “Utterly Butterly Gallery” last year which showcased the complete list of their Topicals and asked people to vote for their favourites on Facebook. Yet another Facebook App called “Colour Your Day” was targeted at kids last year and was used to promote Amul PRO, the new milk additive.

Amul has successfully integrated its offline and online marketing to create an impact and managed to keep the conversation humorous and contemporary. The “utterly butterly” girl has been a success across platforms.

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