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    Resurgent Brands: Regaining lost ground with new marketing strategies

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    Fresh marketing strategies have enabled these brands to regain lost ground. In a competitive market, this is perhaps twice as credible. When brands are given that extra boost, the marketer gets the opportunity to draw newer roadmaps, but within the legacy of the original brand core. While Pitch is on the lookout to find the…

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    Is PR the next marketing tool for marketers?

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    ‘Media has a restriction on the kind of stories they can cover, but when it comes to PR, the information field is more expansive’, says Kunal Kishore, Founder-Director, Value 360 Communications, who stresses on the need of PR as the next marketing tool for marketers. “With tier II and III cities witnessing growth and becoming…

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    Bang for the Buck – Brands that got their pricing right

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    How is it that some brands have been able to pack more into their marketing punch? How are they able to deliver more features at a price that surprises? Have they harnessed technology or is it the power of the idea? While Pitch is on a lookout to find the top five brands for its…

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    Has your brand created the right buzz yet?

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    What has your brand done recently to create buzz? Is it a differentiated product that can surprise and excite consumers? Are you thinking on those lines at all? If not, you might be left behind in the buzz stakes.While Pitch is on the lookout to find the five most ‘Buzzy Brands’ of 2013, it has…

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    Cracking the code for impactful brands

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    Is your brand impactful? Does it possess that power to become one of the most ‘Impactful Brands’, so much so that it can even exterminate the giant brands? While Pitch is on the lookout for the five most ‘Impactful Launches’ of 2013, it has shortlisted 11 most powerful candidates for the grand awards night of…

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    Future Group pumps in Rs 100 cr for premium menswear foray

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    In a bid to cement its position in the Rs 20,000 crore formal menswear industry in India, Future Group’s menswear brand Lombard has announced its foray into the fine fabric segment with the launch of a premium range of readymade apparel and accessories. Until now, Lombard retailed its readymade garments through Future Group formats such…

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    Made-in-India Globetrotters – Establishing international footprints

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    ‘Jahan Jaaeyega Hamen Paaeyega’, meaning ‘wherever you go, you will find us’ – is the message sent across by our very own Made-in-India brands, who are making a mark in almost every part of the world. This is what Sharad Sarin, senior marketing professor from XLRI, has to say about ‘Globe Trotters’, one of the…

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    Social Marketers – Brands which believe in People and Planet

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    Going beyond the mere goal of ‘Profit-Making’, organizations that have an objective vision with a social cause in place, are the ones that are the real growth drivers for the economy, is what Ramanujam Sridhar, Founder and CEO, Integrated Brand-comm has to say about ‘Social Marketers’, one of the ten categories of the Pitch Brands…

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    PR agencies bet big on social media as their new marketing tool

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    To make consumers connect with their campaigns on a larger scale, PR agencies are using the new marketing tool of ‘Social Media’. With a view to expand their presence and services in regional markets, agencies are looking at creating customized content on the back of the rising demand for smartphones in these markets. What should…