When BlackBerry, Shaadi, Metro Shoes faltered

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bakwaas-band-karFrom BlackBerry’s confusing commercial to Shaadi.com’s dissonance to the Saifeena (AKA Kareena-Saif) overkill in Metro Shoes, some well placed brands have faltered in a big way…

A few years back, the well-known fruity brand of mobile phones thought of changing its positioning from a serious business brand to a brand that every youngster should use to connect with his peers. This service from RIM that stormed the market with ‘Pings’, became the backbone of BlackBerry’s sale. From the acclaimed ‘BlackBerry Boys’ commercial by Vodafone to its own confused ‘Love What You Do’ commercial, it seems the fruit has lost its route. Yet again, thinking its saving grace will be the Z10 and the BB App World, the brand has come out with another commercial that is just doltish. Just like Bollywood, where there is a song for every occasion, BlackBerry, too, has one ‘Satrangi’ for every occasion. So what is the symbolism used here? One man with a goatee singing ‘Satrangi’ in a romantic style, hard rock style, jolly style and hip-hop style. Shows what? That the Application store can package one product in different wrappers? Anyways, moving onto the details, no woman goes cycling with wedge heels and the arm phone strap is for light jogging. The punch-line of the commercial says, “Music of your choice in App World”, but where is the choice beyond ‘Satrangi’, BlackBerry Boy? Maybe, now RIM thinks that they should have stuck to serious business people or gone back to their earlier positioning, instead of having a ‘Satrangi’ user base.

Chetan Bhagat testifies
Marriages are not made in heaven anymore, websites do the jobs for the kingdom inside the pearly gates; I see a brilliant way of outsourcing a headache. The result of this outsourcing being a couple shown in the latest Shaadi.com commercial, where both confess that they are in love after a month of marriage. The guy’s reason being his wife is nice and has the ability to read his mind; whereas the girl because her husband is silly. I bet all these checkboxes are present on the website – silly-check, professor-check, nice-check, knows timing of confession-check, so on and so forth. The whole commercial is trying to portray that the couples who have had arranged marriages usually take ages to confess their love, where as through Shaadi.com, it takes only a month post marriage. My observation, haven’t they seen the ‘Platinum Rings’ commercial. Get lost in a subway station and realise your ‘Platinum Day of Love’. The best part about this commercial is – A) Both seem to be college students proposing, and B) The guy who wrote ‘The Three Mistakes of My Life’, AKA Chetan Bhagat, is giving a testimonial for Shaadi.com. Seems I got to wait for his next book to figure out the rationale of his presence in the commercial.

The Khan couple together forever
Do you really think Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan wear Metro Shoes that bring out their ‘royal’ and ‘casual’ attitudes, respectively. The latest commercial about the shoes talks about how philosophical a shoe can be for Kareena and Saif, both have got this whole big shelf dedicated to Metro Shoes. Not bad, at least they know what brand to wear whilst being the brand ambassadors. Which brings me to my next question, do all star couples do the same commercial? Both of them were there for Head & Shoulders’ ‘Namaste’ commercial, as well as the old Airtel DTH commercial too. Doesn’t that bear a heavy brunt on the brand? Have both decided to really stick together till the end as per the vows of marriage? Seems the brand must have had a double whammy in their pockets for bringing both in; and a double whammy to see how the ad has changed the mood of the commercial. The audience that dosen’t like Kareena will automatically hate Saif, well that is vice versa too.

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