Resurgent Brands: Regaining lost ground with new marketing strategies

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logo-Brand-50-AwardsFresh marketing strategies have enabled these brands to regain lost ground. In a competitive market, this is perhaps twice as credible. When brands are given that extra boost, the marketer gets the opportunity to draw newer roadmaps, but within the legacy of the original brand core. While Pitch is on the lookout to find the top five brands in the ‘Resurgent Brands’ category, 12 most powerful candidates have been shortlisted for the grand awards night of Pitch Brands 50 Awards – For Excellence in Marketing, presented by ABP News, in partnership with Percept to be held on June 12 at Leela Kempinski.

While more than 25 brands made it to the shortlist after going through a comprehensive shortlisting process of Pitch’s editorial team, 12 were selected to go to the next level. As the awards night will decide the top five winners, here’s a quick look at the 12 names that went to the jury.

Ramesh Jude Thomas, President, EQUiTOR Consulting

Ramesh Jude Thomas, President, EQUiTOR Consulting

While the jury was chaired by Ramesh Jude Thomas, President, Equitor Consulting, other jury members included marketing professionals and professors such as Rahul Sen, International Brand Advisor; Ramanujam Sridhar, Founder and CEO, Integrated Brand-comm; Subroto Chattopadhyay, Chairman, Peninsula Foundation; Sunil Gupta, Marketing Partner, South Asia, Results International Group; and Ashok Pratap Arora, Marketing Professor, MDI.

According to AP Arora, senior marketing professor, MDI Gurgaon, “Just like their glorious phases, brands also see their low points. The true marketer recognises the difference between the sure decline and just a pausing phase of their brands and carves out its journey to become a successful resurgent brand.”

Rahul Sen, International Brand Advisor

Rahul Sen, International Brand Advisor

Hajmola is one of the strongest brands in Dabur’s portfolio. Launched in 1978 with a core proposition of “fun, taste and digestion”, the tagline for years has been ‘Chatpata swad, jhatpat aaram’ (tastes good, provides instant relief). To reposition itself, the brand roped in a new brand ambassador, Ajay Devgn, with a striking punch line, ‘Teri Meri Sabki Hajmola’, which became more like a celebration song.

Once considered a kids’ brand, Cadbury Gems has transcended the age barrier to emerge as ‘Umarless’ (age-less). The ‘Raho Umarless’ campaign showcases various childish attributes of adults and the reasons for their attraction to Gems.

Also making it to the shortlist is the print campaign of Vespa – ‘Fashion Unchanged’, which introduces the classic scooter brand as a fashion accessory.

Ramanujam Sridhar, Founder CEO, brand-comm

Ramanujam Sridhar, Founder & CEO, brand-comm

Ramanujam Sridhar, Founder and CEO, Integrated Brand-comm explained, “The resurgent brand is one that has not just renewed, but also rejigged itself by making it attractive. There is a new-energy to the brand and that is manifested in the results at the market place.”

Highlighting its presence in the list is Nokia Lumia’s campaign, which has been quite successful in finding a strong resonance with the youth audience and has helped Nokia regain its position in the market.

The ‘Kit-Kat Break Banta Hain’ campaign featuring two lovebirds has been able to capture the attention of youngsters towards the brand’s rejuvenating role in a situation that the youth relate easily to – the classroom.

Another entrant in the list of Resurgent Brands is Windows 8.India remains a price sensitive market and Microsoft adopted an affordable price approach for the adoption of Windows 8 in India at an upgradation for just Rs 699 or updating the OS via an electronic software download, at a price of Rs 1,999.

Marking its presence in the list is the age-old brand Cinthol. From Soaps to shower gels and deos, the company has repositioned its brand with new looks. The brand has also been using digital campaigns as a marketing initiative.

Sharad Sarin, senior marketing professor, XLRI

Sharad Sarin, senior marketing professor, XLRI

Sharad Sarin, senior marketing professor, XLRI Jamshedpur said, ‘Kutch Baat hai Aisi ki miti nahi Hasti Hamari’ translated in English means that there is something in us, which prevents us from disappearing. Cotton as a fabric, Cinthol as a soap are some examples.”

Another brand that has made it big in this category is Lux. To regain its lost share in the market, Lux which was once considered as a brand of popular actresses decided to rope in Sharukh Khan to regain its lost share in the market.

Next in line is Vadilal, which was a synonym of Ice-Cream in 1990s in India, but had become out of mind in the last few years. Betting big this time, the company decided to launch low temperature products in frozen products business and effectively leveraged its infrastructure ability to achieve high efficiency in processed food.

Sunil Gupta, Managing Partner, South Asia, Results International Group

Sunil Gupta, Managing Partner, South Asia, Results International Group

Resurgent brands are once again highlighted withFMCG player, Cargill Foods India, which had roped in famous Indian chef Sanjeev Kapoor to relaunch Sweekar, the edible oil brand after the company acquired it from Marico in 2011. Sweekar did not have active support from its erstwhile owners for nearly six years, which did impact its market performance. However, despite lack of focus and investments, it continues to enjoy a sizeable consumer franchise.

Marking its presence in the list is Peter England. With international brands flocking the men’s apparel market, Peter England had lost its sheen. The brand came in its new avtaar with stylish collection of bags including laptop bags, trolley bags, and travel bags.

Last but not the least is Zee TV. With dwindling audience interaction with SMS voting, it was important for Zee TV to mould itself into a brand that was one with the audience and one above other entertainment channel shows. Zee TV and Mobilox partnered to craft a mobile solution that would take their reality show – Dance India Dance 3 up a notch.

A missed call strategy was employed yielding outstanding results. The missed call campaign conducted replaced SMS voting for DID 3 with ‘Missed call voting’. This feat turned around the diminishing audience interaction completely and made Zee TV’s DID 3 a success story resurgent brand. Using mobile as tool for engagement and marketing served the brand well. It was also responsible in bringing back the lost credibility that most brands conducting SMS voting faced.

While Pitch has already unveiled all of its ten categories for Pitch Brands 50 Awards, which includes Rechargers, Ageless Brands, Bottom of Pyramid, Social Marketers, Globetrotters, Impactful launches, Buzzy Brands, Bang for the buck, Marketing Innovators and Resurgent Brands; Do visit this page for unfolding the winners of the Pitch Brands 50 Awards – For Excellence in Marketing Awards to be held on June 12.

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