Paid, owned or earned media? Debate PRofessionals

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PRThe jury for India Public Relations and Corporate Communications Award being driven by exchange4media went through a tedious process of judging the four award categories and twenty three sub-categories. The jury had Sanjaya Baru, Director Geo-economics and Strategy, IISS as the jury chairperson; Anup Jain, Sr Director, Strategic Projects, Pizza Hut India; Archana Jain, Founder and Managing Director, PR Pundit;  Deepak Jolly, Vice President, Public Affairs and Communications, Coca-Cola India and South West Asia; Kavita Datta, Managing Partner, Mutual PR; Narayanan Madhavan, Writer, Journalist, Hindustan Times; PK Khurana, CMD, Quik Relations; Pranjal Sharma, Editorial and Knowledge Advisor; Columnist, Business World;  SeemaAhuja, Head-Corporate Communications Biocon;  Senjam Raj Sekhar; Director –Communications and Brand, Vdanta Group;  Shravani Dang, Vice- President and Group Head -Corporate Communications, Avantha and Sunayna Malik, Managing Director, Text100 Global PR.

While discussing the contribution and success of the PR industry in India, the jury members also looked into the work that has been done by the agencies and professionals in 2012-13. Certain points that come up were to see how a campaign was PR driven rather than an advertising led campaign, cutting edge work and how have the PR professionals contributed towards their own company as well as the industry. The jury chair raised a pertinent point saying that every judgement has to be made by looking at how the PR has grabbed business and how has it said no to its clients on fundamentals.

The judging was not only done on the basis of the impact an agency has made in the year but a plethora of interlinked agendas such as a great campaign that stands out which is value driven, where was the agency last year and how has it grown, relationship recording and business with the client as well as staff retention of an agency. Rather than focusing at the ‘what’ aspect of a campaign the jury looked at the ‘how’. It was also discussed how many of the agencies do not have the fundamental clarity of a B2B PR and a Business PR and the solution was discussed saying that PR is above all the three media if used effectively.

The edge to the jury and the discussion came in when the members brought up the aspect of paid, owned and earned media. It was suggested that today, 80 per cent of the business is paid and owned and only 20 per cent is earned. The agencies that should be taken into the loop are the ones who are moving from this 20 per cent of earned to a 70 per cent of an earned business model. There still lay a dilemma about the paid, owned and earned media even when the jury was looking into the PR aspect of a campaign sent by the agencies.

The IPRCC Conference and Awards is scheduled to be held at the Leela Kempinski Gurgaon on the May 31, 2013. The conference will be covering topics such as PR being a holistic communication platform, putting one’s money where the mouth is, embracing the new digital order, new medium, new markets and social media.

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