CCD bets big on ‘Hyper-Local Marketing’, ties up with Hoppr

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Hoppr-Logo--2As companies are revamping their marketing strategies, products and processes to reach out to more digital mobile consumers, a new trend of ‘Hyperlocal Marketing’ is finding its way forward to engage consumers directly with brands in their immediate vicinity. Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) has taken a step ahead by enabling a platform for its users to discover CCD outlets in immediate neighbourhood and also win rewards.

CCD has tied up with Hoppr, a mobile agnostic location based ‘check in’ service to develop a platform for the consumers to interface with CCD at any time. The platform enables the users to discover the CCD café in their vicinity, download coupons for special and win real life rewards. CCD offers coupons and rewards to users who check into CCD via hoppr thus claiming to increase footfalls.

Md Imthiaz, CEO and Founder, Hoppr

Md Imthiaz, CEO and Founder, Hoppr

Hoppr is a mobile agnostic location based ‘check in’ service claiming to reach out to 95 per cent of India’s total 800 million users. The partnership with CCD was marketed across India in all 1319 outlets of the cafe and through various social-media platforms that helped Hoppr reach out to a wide base of users and garner more walk-ins. Since the specials were based on the bill, users were driven to spend more in order to avail the ‘Hoppr specials’.

Md Imthiaz, CEO and Founder, Hoppr says that since the time spent on mobile doing pretty much everything is ever increasing, and companies big and small are revamping their strategies, products and processes to reach out to the digital mobile consumer.

With more than 10,000 merchant locations on board, Hoppr is looking at integrating with over 10 times the number. But what is the rationale behind nationally tying up with CCD? Imthiaz says that CCD as a brand connects and clicks with the modern-day urban youth between the ages of15-30. “There were a lot of synergies in terms of the audiences that CCD caters to and ones that can use Hoppr to explore and discover interesting places around them,” he adds
Hoppr is providing consumers special offers which are relevant to them by studying consumers’ buying and visiting behaviour. Claiming to assess through its in-house data the brand analysed that majority of the consumers engage among themselves over coffee and CCD fits into the scheme of things.

According to Hoppr, the tie up with CCD has witnessed 6.5 lakh check-ins into CCDin six months also tapping the Facebook shares of such check-ins. “CCD has also witnessed a high coupon redemption thereby reinforcing the fact that Hoppr users translated into higher sales and thereby revenue for CCD,” adds Imthiaz.
Hoppr, being a consumer centric device claims to focus on the product or service relevant to its users, but how effective is Hoppr’s strategy with CCD? Cafe Coffee Day, claims that its cafes are spread across 185 markets in the country and Hoppr with its reach to seven mobile service providers gives the cafe an opportunity to stay connected with our consumers in the virtual space and maximizes CCD’s presence in the virtual world.

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