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    Is your brand recharged?

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    While a “new look” is important, it is equally important to offer value to the customer either by way of a sharper focus or a clearer position. Recharger Brands have to constantly keep examining and contemporising themselves for consumers, who are constantly looking for newer and smarter options, is what Ramanujam Sridhar, Founder and CEO,…

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    Non-Metros online gadget sale goes up by 62% over Q4 ’12

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    The perfect platform to shop with the least amount of traveling involved, the ecommerce industry is becoming the most preferred method of shopping for customers. ebay India, has come out with its quarterly report of gadget sales, entailing mobile phones, laptops, tablets, digital cameras and televisions. An insight into the report shows that non-metro purchases…

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    Ageless Brands: Date the beginning of an everlasting legend!

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    Ageless Brands are like mighty rivers, which have been flowing throughout the year for centuries as their market remains unchanged and power unchallenged, is what Sharad Sarin, Senior Marketing Professor from XLRI has to say about ‘Ageless Brands’, one of the ten categories of the Pitch Brands 50 –Awards For Excellence in Marketing, presented by…

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    Consumer durables up their BTL budget to 20%

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    With a decreased shelf life of ATL campaigns from six months to about two months now, marketers are looking at economic and effective alternatives for promoting consumer durables. In a high involvement category like consumer durables, where the consumer spends much of time at the store, marketers are using the last point as a final…

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    The verdict is out: Pitch Brands 50 awaits June 12

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    The jury for Pitch Brands 50 – Awards in Marketing Excellence, presented by ABP News, in partnership with Percept gave their verdict on the top fifty brands in 10 categories, which included Bottom of Pyramid, Globe trotters, Resurgent Brands, Rechargers, Marketing Innovators, Impactful Launches, Ageless Brands, Buzzy Brands, Social Marketers and Value for Money. On…

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    Paid, owned or earned media? Debate PRofessionals

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    The jury for India Public Relations and Corporate Communications Award being driven by exchange4media went through a tedious process of judging the four award categories and twenty three sub-categories. The jury had Sanjaya Baru, Director Geo-economics and Strategy, IISS as the jury chairperson; Anup Jain, Sr Director, Strategic Projects, Pizza Hut India; Archana Jain, Founder…

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    Where will Indian cricket find it’s new ‘SAHARA’…?

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    The year 2001. Headlines screamed across the newspapers. Wills out of Indian cricket team sponsorship: With Kolkata’s Virginia House deciding to pull out of sports related sponsorship, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) will have to shop for new sponsors for the glamour boys of Indian sport ” Fast forward : the…

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    ZooZoo effect: 7% of Vodafone’s service revenues come from data browsing

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    It has almost been 20 years since Vodafone set foot in the country, which was earlier known as Hutchison Max in 1994. Riding on a huge multimedia campaign in 2007, Hutchison became Vodafone and within a year the brand claims to have crossed five crore subscribers. Vodafone bought us the ZooZoo campaign, the ‘Vodafone Pug’…