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    Fluence Lumianation to Facebook and IPL getting Karbonnised

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    There is a theory behind being critiqued, as oldies would say munching on corn, ‘if you’re being criticised, it means you are being noticed, if you’re being noticed means you’re working’. Well as we all are poignant beings, these words of wisdom do not matter. Nevertheless, commercials these days do strike, or at least try…

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    Chingles cashes in on April Fool’s Day for on-ground activity

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    The latest entry in the confectionery market, Chingles, and positioned as ‘antidote to seriousness’ used April Fool as a perfect occasion to play pranks with movie-goers. The brand tied up with cinema halls to roll out a video on March 30 & 31, just before the movie started. The video stated: “Due to technical failure,…