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    From Be-bo to Be-gum: Brand equity of Kareena Kapoor Khan on the slide?

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    Kareena Kapoor Khan, Bollywood star and Pataudi begum was seen on the cover page of February issue of the 121- year-old Vogue magazine which said, ‘KAREENA – On love, laughter and living the dream’. The month of April also had something in store for her, and this time, it was Malabar Gold and Diamond Jewellery……

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    Huge talent still untapped; hence CO:LAB transcends segmentation, geography: Shailendra Katyal

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    Lenovo has partnered with MTV for CO:LAB, an initiative to target Millennials or ‘generation Y’, ‘the Echo Boomers’, ‘the Peter Pan Generation’, the Boomerang Generation’; technically more than half the generation that has come after generation X. With this initiative Lenovo looks forward to represent the sweet spot for music and entertainment for the Millennial…

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    Amaze-ing: All petrol Honda eyes diesel space; Will it fight the Dzire?

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    Maintenance free Honda cars that had evaded the lure of diesel till now, couldn’t ignore it any more. With petrol prices on the ever-rise, Honda Cars India has decided to get into the diesel space too. Honda’s debut diesel engine – the 1.5 litre i-DETC, will make its debut in its upcoming sedan ‘Amaze’, to…

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    From Bathroom Bickers to Kitchen Squabbles – Decoding the Dettol Row

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    Dettol is a brand name most Indian households must have had a tryst multiple times over decades. Originally, launched in India by Reckitt Benckiser (RB) as an antiseptic liquid, 80 years since its launch, Dettol continues to capture consumers’ mindshare and has been listed among the most trusted brands (Brand Equity: Most Trusted Brands 2012)…

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    Depleting market share forces Nokia to diversify into microwaves

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    Amidst losing market share to Android and Apple iPhone, and Lumia too not making much of waves, Nokia has diversified its business into microwaves. The USP of the product is that it draws much of inspiration from mobile technology and the Windows 8 powered cooking device has features like eye-tracking technology, and PureFood camera that…

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    Think, What Really Makes People Buy?

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    It’s the ultimate question, isn’t it? You work hard at marketing to make contact with potential clients. Then you work even harder to get a chance speak with them about what you have to offer. But how do you actually get them to hire you? The answers may not be what you think. 1. Know-Like-and-Trust…

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    Inside the marketers’ mind: Their focus areas and challenges for 2013-14

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    The dynamics of marketing in India have undergone a sea change from its traditional construct to one that relies greatly on experience, engagement and interaction with customers through an assortment of media vehicles; the most crucial being the all pervasive digital medium. However, at the same time, owing to the ease of measurement, marketing is…

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    Caught in No-Man’s –Zone: The late 30s itch

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    Do actresses in late 30s and 40s lose their sheen to become Brand Ambassadors? An ad in The Times of India, on a Sunday morning features a woman decked up in jewellery. The ad is for Shudhi Jewels, a MMTC-Gitanjali joint venture. The face looks familiar. On closer inspection it is clear thath it’s Amisha…

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    Marketers should focus on service rather than gimmicks

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    It was a Sunday afternoon, long time back and the Hindustan Times featured a lead story in its Sunday supplement – How the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) is radio mapping and numbering the bricks and marble slates of Taj Mahal and mulling to move the marvel to a safer place, as the pollution in…