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    ‘W’ is on an aggressive expansion spree, says Anant Daga

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    In a bid to expand its footprint in an increasingly cluttered yet steadily growing Indian contemporary wear market for women, TCNS Clothing’s women wear brand, W,is pursuing an aggressive expansion spree that encompasses increasing its retail footprint to 120 stores in 60 cities across the country and widening its product basket. In an interview with…

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    Yebhi.com dons a new makeover to look young, energetic and simple

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    Popular ecommerce website, Yebhi.com has revamped its brand identity by donning a new makeover and logo for its website. Both of these have been developed to showcase the brand personality of Yebhi.com which aims to garner a greater market share on the back of projecting itself as a young, energetic and simple ecommerce brand.The brand…

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    Rasna marks new trend with new brand cum family ambassador

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    I love you Rasna! – The one punch line an entire generation grew up with makes you recall this thirty-six year old brand with fond memories. While marking the beginning of a new trend, this Ahmedabad based soft drink concentrate player is playing the brand game with its new brand ambassador cum family member –…

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    Two new ‘clickers’ for Fujifilm’s premium compact segment

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    Fujifilm has added two new camera models to its premium compact segment, the X100s and X20.Having a ‘retro’ design and pegged at Rs 74,999, the X100 pitches itself as a high speed successor to the X100, which claims to have the world’s fastest Auto Focus (AF) of 0.08 seconds. The X20, is on the other…

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    Phase III: Marketers, media owners gung-ho about radio advertising

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    As government is expected to lend a support to radio for phase III roll out, companies are betting big on radio advertising as their new marketing mantra. As more smart phones and digital radio are finding their way forward, there has been a huge surge in radio advertising with some FM channels hiking their rates…

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    BRAND JOURNEY: Tedhi mummy to star studded family

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    When PepsiCo’s Lay’s bought over Uncle Chipps, it was a clear indication that Indians while do have a fascination for anything “foreign” or “Western” but when it comes to satisfying the taste buds, nothing would do other than the local spices. PepsiCo wasn’t rigid enough to push its international flavours. It did come up with…

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    Will Sumo be grounded or does Pepsi need a Blue Star cooling?

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    Advertising has always left the audience dumbfounded, and advertisers make it as appealing and connected to the consumer as possible. At the end of the day profaneness becomes facetiousness. The ever-so-amazed and ad-indulging audience is always looking for ‘cooler’, ‘raunchier’ and out of the box commercials and they are evoked with it too. To the…

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    Positive outlook by marketers for 2013, digital still a low key

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    Contrary to general belief, marketers are buoyant about 2013 and are expecting good returns this year. Eighty five per cent of Indian marketers have an optimistic outlook for their brands in 2013 and say that the brands will perform better than the year that passed, according to a survey carried out by research agency Ipsos….

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    Pitch Brands 50 Awards announces call for entries; April 30 last date

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    The erstwhile Pitch Top 50 CMO Awards are back and in a new avatar. To be more commendable and focussed in line with the categories that the awards are given in, the awards have been rechristened as Pitch Brands 50 – Awards for Excellence in Marketing. While the Awards are an editorial acknowledgement of the…

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    Real estate marketing gets smarter

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    From boring artist representations and architect illustrations real estate marketing seems to be coming of age. While advertising may not still be its strong innovative point, but marketing on the other aspects at least is. Homes are no more ‘dream homes’. They are ‘digital homes’ and ‘green homes’. Every builder has a jogger’s track or…