Consumer Durable companies on their marketing spree as summer sets in

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Ac'sRising mercury levels and sweltering heat are driving consumer durable players to take a step further on their marketing pitch. While some companies are placing huge bets on the back of their aggressive summer campaigns, some are trying to woo consumers by offering mass segment products with high-end technology.

Manish Sharma, Managing Director, Panasonic India

Manish Sharma, Managing Director, Panasonic India

With early summers setting in, Japanese giant Panasonic which registered Rs 3200 crore sales revenue is expecting its Consumer Product Division (CPD) to grow by 15%. According to Panasonic’s MD Manish Sharma, Panasonic witnessed a growth of 16 per cent in the air conditioner segment last year and is expecting a larger chunk this year on the back of their new marketing initiatives. With an investment of Rs 120 crore in the split air conditioner segment during 2013-14, Panasonic aims to capture 20 per cent of the market from 14 per cent in this fiscal.

LG India has set aside Rs 700 crores as its marketing spends. When asked about their summer season plans, Sanjay Chitkara, Head Corporate Marketing, LG India said, “We will be doing a big campaign to promote our Ever Cool range of refrigerators which are the one-of-their-kinds refrigerators that retains cooling in refrigerator area for 7 hours without electricity and 9-10 hours in freezer.”

LG India is also aiming at a double digit increase in the sales of their refrigerators, washing machines and air-conditioners on the back of their ATL and BTL marketing activities. Talking about their market share, Chitkara said that refrigerators constitute 36% of the market share, washing machines is at 37% and air-conditioners at 24%.

While LG India is betting big on their ‘Ever Cool range of refrigerators’, Voltas is banking on its new range of ‘All-weather-ACs’ with an enhanced range of features that equip the product range to deliver uniquely and efficiently across all market conditions be it the extreme heat of New Delhi, dusty conditions of Rajasthan, humidity of Chennai, or peak winters of Shimla, throughout the year.

Deba Ghoshal, Marketing Head, UPBG, Voltas

Deba Ghoshal, Marketing Head, UPBG, Voltas

With a focus of ‘Change in Consumer Mindset’, Voltas has devised a new marketing strategy at the back of its ‘All-Weather-Positioning’ products with Mr and Mrs Murthy campaigns. “Last year, we just had Mr Murthy with us but this time, we also have his lovely wife Mrs Murthy,” says Deba Ghoshal, Marketing Head, UPBG, Voltas. Talking about their new brand ambassador, Mrs Murthy who has joined Mr Murthy this year, Ghoshal said, “Weather changes moods within a household and moods get reflected best through slice of life, real situations at home. Hence, the introduction of Mrs Murthy this year whose role is to escalate situations at home, when they face extreme weather.”

The Strategy behind Voltas campaign for this year was to appropriate the solution to pain-points arising from extreme weather. With the introduction of Mrs Murthy, the campaign re-inforces the ‘Comfort-all-year-round’ benefit of our All Weather positioning, in an interesting manner.

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