Marketing HR is a challenge; Capgemini to spend approx Rs 7 crore on real life stories

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capgeminiLike the services sector or even the medical sector, where performance, ethics and emotions play a vital role and make marketing a challenge, marketing Human Resource equally is challenging. As competition heats up and high attrition rates and when in the economy is in a slowdown and not many jobs offer growths in monetary terms, keeping employee morale is a tough task. Employees are stake holder sin the business of the company. In such a scenario, it becomes more imperative for a company to market itself from an HR point to attract good talent and project to its family that all positives and the company’s giving a platform and environment where we all will sail through.
Amidst that environment, consulting, technology and outsourcing services company, Capgemini, is pursuing a human-centered communication approach focusing on employees’ experiences.

Capgemini is one of the few companies that has taken the 360-degree communication route to reach out to the world to showcase itself as a human-centric company. Some other companies that often invest in such communication are HCL, Wipro, Intel and Mahindra. Else, such communication gets restricted to Jobs & Career pages of newspapers and magazines.

‘Be the YOU want to be’, the campaign launched yesterday, showcases Capgemini’s employees as a part of real-life and overcoming challenges. The campaign highlights the key elements that have helped them develop as a person and a technology professional. The aim certainly is to attract more job applicants and establish the brand as a preferred career destination.

“This effort is to differentiate, track talent and show them what it takes to work in an MNC like Capgemini, where it is more about people and how to correlate what you do to be able to have a direct impact on your end customers,” says Rajesh Chandiramani, Senior Vice President –Marketing & Sales, Capgemini India.

While Chandiramani agrees that this is not the first time that an IT company has used employees as the face of its communication, he does maintain that Capgemini’s focus on people has remained consistent with all its brand campaigns since 2010, with the objective of making the individual feel empowered, aligned and inspired to do what he wants.
“If you see, the IT industry is a very people oriented industry. So having people who have worked in the organisation becoming your brand ambassadors is the bigger considerations of success,” he adds.

‘Be the You want to be’ campaign is an extension of the earlier campaigns in 2010 and 2011. The reliance on human-centred communication started with the “People matter, results count” campaign at the end of 2010 and then moved on to the “We are the ones” and ‘Experts Connect’ campaigns in 2011-2012.

The current campaign will essentially look at developing nine key objectives, which will be used in a series of adverts. Some of these objectives include people getting empowered, inspired and challenged in order to deliver the business outcome to the end customer. In this way, the company is providing prospective employees with an aspirational and real picture of what their professional life could be if they pursue a career in the company.
While Chandiramani refuses to share expected revenue targets from this campaign, he shares that through such initiatives, the company is nursing a target to increase its employee base from the existing 40,000 people to 70,000 by the end of 2015.

The company is expected to spend about Euro 1 million (approximately Rs 7 crore) on the marketing campaign.
The campaign will be launched in two phases. While the first phase, which is of three month duration, will see the company employing print, outdoor and digital in its media mix, phase two will incorporate television as well.
The promotional activities will be done in nine cities across the country where Capgemini has a presence.
Outdoor advertising will be seen in key metros and cities such as Mumbai, Kolkota, Trichy, Salem and Thiruvananthapuram. While technology parks will be targeted for direct customer engagement, the company will be aggressively using social media to drive awareness.

In terms of the relative percentage contribution, print, outdoor and digital each will occupy a third of the total marketing budget.

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