Dominating the B2C training space is an unfinished dream, feels Himanshu Mody of Tekno Point

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Himanshu Mody, Founder and CEO, Tekno Point

Himanshu Mody, Founder and CEO, Tekno Point

A professional in today’s market has immense competition from peers, not only in the field of aptitude but also competency and skill. The basic Word, Excel, PowerPoint are passé, employers look for high end technical and digital proficiency in an employee. Be it IT, Sales, marketing or even writing, the sense of creative design and resourcefulness with softwares like Adobe Dreamweaver, HTML5, Adobe Flash and the CS6 has become a necessity. Tekno Point, an institution that was founded 12 years back is providing training, content creation and consulting solution to B2B brands to train their professionals in the ways of creative design. In an interview with Pitch, Himanshu Mody, Founder and CEO, Tekno Point, Pitch delves deeper into what the company is all about.

How does Tekno Point position itself in the market today?
Tekno Point Positions itself as a catalyst for Adoption of latest innovations from Adobe for its Digital Marketing, Creative Suite and Web Experience Management products.

What is your media mix for promotion of your three verticals, also which is the most preferred medium for marketing your brand?
Our complete media spend is on digital. Within digital investing in SEO for organic search and SEM has been yielding maximum results. We are yet to figure out how to leverage social media for our business.

What is the basic fact that makes Tekno Point stand aside from the clutter of other training, consulting and content creation institutes?
Our ability to adapt to new technologies and bring them quickly to our customers for them to benefit from it. Each service – Training, Consulting or Digital Content Creation is a way to serve our core objective of helping customers adopt Adobe Technologies.

How long have you been operating in the country and what is the rationale behind tying up with Adobe?
Tekno Point was founded in 2000 as pioneers of Flash ActionScript training in India. The company evolved with Flash and in 2005 Macromedia was acquired by Adobe and then over time we evolved to offer training , consulting and interactive services across various Adobe products.

Looking at most of your clients, would you call Tekno Point a B2B training institution?
Yes we are primarily a B2B training company however that’s the outcome, I did not expect as a founder. We have a training facility for individuals. However, primary customers continue to be companies. It is still an unfinished dream to dominate the B2C training space and we are hoping that as awareness among consumers increase – they will start asking the right questions and more individuals will choose Tekno Point as their source of acquiring training.

Your ‘Corporate’ and ‘Fast Track’ training have the same time span as well as the same programmes, how do you differentiate between the both?
The language is different to cater to different set of customers, ‘Corporate Training’ is to appeal to companies and ‘Fast Track’ is to appeal to self sponsored individuals. There is no difference in the two in terms of training delivery, hence the duration is same.

Are there any other such training institutes which have positioned themselves as ‘Authorised Adobe training’ institutes?
Yes, you can find them using the Adobe Partner finder. However, I am not sure being Adobe Authorised gives a company ability to deliver as Tekno Point does. There are enough instances of me-too companies coming up, making noise and closing down. Our position is unique, we will do what it takes for our customer to benefit from innovation in Adobe Technologies – be it training their resources, or provide consulting service at their location or take offshore projects to deliver the end product.

Being an Adobe Solutions Partner, do you cater to mainly B2B clients or B2C also?
As a solutions partner, we work mainly with existing IT and IT consulting companies and some end clients.

How many professionals/students do you get for these fast track and corporate courses?
Our average batch size is of 10 students for corporate and five for retail training. Over all Tekno Point has delivered training to over 5,000 IT professionals on Adobe Technologies.

What is your expenditure on marketing? Do you do on ground activations, career counselling or workshops too?
We have spent heavily on reaching out to the design and developer community by sponsoring various developer events and also reaching out to Digital Media Industry by exhibiting at events like AdTech.


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