9 Ps of Marketing using Technology

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Nikhil Rungta, Chief Business Officer, Yebhi.com

Nikhil Rungta, Chief Business Officer, Yebhi.com

We can also call it the ‘MoneyBall Approach’ (data driven approach)
1. Participation – Does your brand have a social life? Make sure it is set up to thrive in the digital dialogs taking place all around it. Create participatory conversations with consumers via social media platforms and rich media ad formats, and use these to give users greater access and ability to co-create the brand experience.

2. Precision – Hyper targeting – Marketers can move away from ‘Spray-n-Pray’ strategy to ‘Aim-n-Shoot’. Today targeting can be done to the individual level. We can reach THE Geeta in Gorakhpur.

3. Personalisation – More than ever consumers need messages of value and relevance – messages that cut through the clutter and speak to them.

4. Pace-to-market – So don’t wait for perfection or deliberate over choices for too long. Instead, leap and learn as you g

5. Presence – Technology helps in widening the distribution network. Hippo the snack food from Parle asked consumers to tweet to them in case they did not have the product in their city or town, company then ensured they reached the product to that city.

6. Performance – Expectations for results are higher than ever, but luckily you’re now armed with powerful tools to measure results, prove progress and diagnose areas for improvement. Drive effectiveness and efficiency by choosing accountable, measurable media and by embracing reporting and optimisation habits as standard protocol.

7. Pulse – Keep pulse on your consumers, your brands, your category, and your competition to stay attuned in real-time. And be prepared to quickly act on what you learn.

8. Pull – based inbound marketing – Companies should spend resources to create content, conversations and valuable resources that draw customers to their products or websites without paid marketing.

9. Price(less) – Today you do not need to spend millions of dollars on producing hi-end advertisements. Technology allows you to create good quality messages at fraction
of cost.

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