13 Thoughts on Marketing for 2013

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Anita Nayyar,

Anita Nayyar, CEO, Havas Media, India & South Asia

2013 will set off a learning curve – brands will spring innovations, new technology and integrated media will be tested, as also the customer in this environment; all establishing a path for the rest of this decade. My 13 Thoughts for 2013…

1. Getting Relevant
Marketing will be around the customer – creating imagery and stories drawn from insights of his emotions, reactions, dreams and fitting in the product or service. Digital will take a lead with TVC, video or branded content output. As everyone talks in dialects of the same language getting relevant to the customer so he can remember and consider will be the differentiator for that big idea with the right strategy.

2. Content the King
Content and Customer will continue to be the king, across formats. Digital content will pave its way.

Digitization will open up huge opportunities for  creativity and targeted marketing. Localization and customization will play a central role in generating alternate revenue streams.

3. Branded and Collaborated Content
Marketing will not be singular. There will be greater infl ux of Branded content – in print; movies; on TV  shows – reality, new genre, song and dance; in online videos; on social media with news, information text and photos on various platforms.

Ordinary people and local groups (art-musictheatre-etc) will play a starring role as also become content co-creators for videos and fi lms for brands online.

4. Database the undisputed demi-god
It is understated but this is the core behind every campaign and company – its capture will get even more aggressive. However it’s not the gathering but the fi ltering, segmenting and sub-segmenting of data and information, for relevant use that will spring rich rewards. And herein is the challenge. Real ROI will be garnered by continuously fi ne-tuning this process. Facebook is a storehouse, as is the Company managing your marketing channels or even Digitization. Markets everywhere, need their customers or someone is talking to them, anyway.

5. Integrated Communications
While Integrated Communication has gained ground over the years, it will now be set as an objective (its implementation much slower) which most brands big or small will aim towards. Media in its traditional singular form is losing and will lose its shine and get interlinked.

So print ads will link to the website or mobile site where you are voting, commenting and sharing with your peers leading to a utility app. A social media – Like or Tweet from the mobile will activate an airport ad, making advertising platforms virtual interactive screens. Or print will call radio which will integrate with say a contest for best sound submitted on social media.

Each medium will be an extension of client interaction with the next.

While digital is the hotspot, especially in India the high bases are with print and TV. Making these an integral part of the digital funnel will have far reaching benefi ts for brands and give customers a richer experience.

Done mindlessly, it will be a drain. Yet time will lag before the art is perfected.

6. Smart Content, Innovations, Videos
Though it will take a while to become a norm, people will start expecting content and devices to be able to do something. After all – a gift might pop out of a machine, or the ad at the airport might talk to you, the mobile could offset a hot bath or the print article or magazine could ask you to comment, share and contest for that gift or view the really cool video. Traditional Passive media will come alive with Innovations – creatively passive or 3-D passive as also with the touch of QR codes and AR (Augmented Reality). Online Videos with ads will become a more prevalent trend.

7. Experience of Sensory
So far sensory and experiential was used brand or brand-location specifi c, like at a car show. RFID, sensors, AR will come more into play as we go about an ordinary day or on a weekend trip to the mall. It will percolate across media – print, online, mobile, outdoor. QR codes can create more effect with better placing as also the linking process. Brands will use public spaces to create the WOW and digital to create the ripple effect. It will break clutter and cause customer delight, drafting the blueprint for better infrastructure, technology and implementation processes.

8. Customer Care – Interpreting Designs in Data
When we talk of big data it could be hundreds of terabytes with billions of data points, great for mass trends. But businesses don’t always have nor need this. They need to focus on and interpret the small data – to listen to what their customers are telling them, their likes, dislikes and needs, to figure what are the probabilities of them getting sticky towards an alternate pattern. New media and interactive marketing allows asking, talking to them, creating viable sample sizes. Reports are available but there is a lot more to be asked and gleaned. It’s like S.H. Raza taking the geometric shapes and creating million dollars plus paintings.


9. Appy with the Mobile Mass

Called the Cell Phone or Cellular Phone, ‘Mobile’ is an adjective meaning ‘able to move or be moved freely or easily’. Yet this attribute has made it a noun, like house, with its own dictionary entry. It is this very attribute that is most attractive to customers and brands, becoming as essential as wearing clothes and almost as affordable. The mobile can make that outdoor ad come alive or let online shopping embedded with AR, happen at a public mall; encourage sharing, community forming and dropping into the cart to decide or buy. It allows the participation of masses of people, together, as also portable seamless access while the app is utility agnostic. The arsenal of mobile and app will make some brands score headlines for live marketing.

10. Emphasis on Personal – Social

The winning word will be more personal over social – across media; read crowd sourcing, peer communities, photos, videos, voting, people’s views and thoughts. Also, setting in an even bigger trend of more rewards, gifts and in-brand currency – individual and group.

11. Geo-targeting and the Media Mix
Marketing will happen in real-time, to create experience, be interactive, to encourage engagement and sharing, all building that database. The location and geo-targeting will feed the relevant TG with the message; say at a cricket match or in a college where a mass of like-minded people are suited to a brand and its objective. The media mix will market the event to the stakeholders also encouraging inbound marketing from stakeholders to their peer network.

12 Tier 2 moves Up
Metro saturation is helping downward penetration to Tier 2 markets. As they say, potential, business and money lies in the Tier 2 markets. Most brands across categories are seeing the might of these markets and increasingly working towards wooing consumers in these markets.

13 e-commerce and m-commerce
Retail and BSFI will make e-commerce and m-commerce an integral part of their services platform. Consumer durables, high value like cars and mid-to-low-value like mobiles will offer special rates for registration payments made via this medium.

Online and mobile shopping will see a spurt and their media budgets will increase.

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