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    10 Brands that got marketing right in 2012

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    As the clouds of the return of the economic slowdown loomed large in 2012, the business sentiment remained dull throughout. That directly impacted the marketing initiatives of brands too. At the time of the year, when everyone is coming up with the ‘Best’ & ‘Worst’ of the year list, we at Pitch too tried to…

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    10: Nokia Lumia: ‘No’ Kia to ‘Yes’ Kia

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    At No 10, in our ’10 Brands that got marketing right in 2012″ list is Nokia Lumia As per research firm IDC, Nokia’s market share in India at the end of 2009 was 54 per cent. Just six months later, it had plunged to 36 per cent and the story went downhill from there. Nokia…