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    TV & traditional retail next destination for Leonardo Olive Oil

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    Positioned as an olive oil fit for Indian cooking, Leonardo Olive Oil, from the Dalmia Continental group is hoping to create a buzz with television as its next destination, and expanding presence from modern retail to traditional retail. It has ear-marked a marketing budget of Rs 12 crore for 2013-14. Also, on the drawing board…

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    Why Self-Branding is Important?

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    Branding yourself keeps you current in your chosen field, opens doors for you, and creates a lasting impression on clients. By developing your own brand, you’ll have control over people’s initial perception. If you don’t brand yourself, someone else will, and the outcome might not be in your favour. Relatively speaking, a strong brand influences its…


    Peter England Generation to help young professionals through their 4 stages

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    Peter England has announced to open its first new retail identity – Peter England Generation (PEG). The first store will be open for customers from December 20 in Bengaluru. Targeted at young professionals in their 20s and early 30s, PEG, hopes to help them through their four key life stages with apparel. The store has…

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    “Feel” factor important in Packaging

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    While shopping, does the catechism of how useful is the product, how it looks or how does one feel about the product, lead the consumer to buy the product? In the age of impulse driven purchase, are emotions in packaging the key to branding?  For example, does the chocolate of a Cadbury Celebrations’ pack make…

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    Nishant K Rao is new LinkedIn Country Manager

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    Professional network, LinkedIn, has appointed Nishant K Rao as the Country Manager for India. His appointment follows the promotion of former country manager, Hari V Krishnan into a larger role as the Managing Director of Asia- Pacific and Japan. In his new role, Rao will focus on scaling up operations and staying committed to LinkedIn’s…

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    CR Sundarrajan of Unilever reiterates importance of analytics for marketers

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    The key challenge in Analytics in India and in fact worldwide, is not techniques but application, feels CR Sundarrajan, Director, Marketing Analytic, Developing and Emerging Markets, Unilever. He feels that analytics in marketing is absolutely critical. “Marketers’ choices have exploded in terms of how to grow brands & categories. Additionally, the competitive heat is also…

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    1. Satyamev Jayate: Issues close to heart

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    And on the top our list – Top 10 Brands that got Marketing Right in 2012′ is Satyamev Jayate… Aamir Khan turned flagging interest around the 11 AM shows on Sundays, with Satyamev Jayate, a show based on social issues. It was not merely the content of the show that grabbed eyeballs but the systematic…

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    2. Philips: A ‘clean’ look

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    At No 2 in Pitch’s “Top 10 Brands that got Marketing Right in 2012” is Philips… “The more carpet of hair I have on my body, the more masculine I am,” this is certainly not the order of the day for the casual cool men today.  To address the huge need gap in the market…

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    Carlo Donati, Pankaj Rai to speak @ Pitch Analytics in Action

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    How many times does a conference happen in India that has its core target as senior marketers, digital marketing heads, media agencies and research as well as investment firms? How many get the opportunity to go head-to-head with top global practitioners to deliberate on aspects of the current analytics scenario in India? How often do…

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    Meme’s the word

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    Digital is no more a condiment; it is the main ingredient for an appetising media mix. The marketers are well aware of the fact. However, just knowing it isn’t enough. As a consumer of digital content I wouldn’t be satisfied by just videos or random online contests. I need my brands to be quirky, funny…