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    Great analysts understand people behind numbers being analysed

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    The post lunch session of the inaugural edition of the Pitch Analytics in Action conference held in Bangalore saw a 3-member panel with Gagandeep Arora, Country Leader-Industry Solutions, IBM SWG Group ISA, Prabhu Kannan, Director-Digital Commerce Capabilities, SapientNitro, and Bidyut Nath, Head-Customer Loyalty & Analytics, Titan Industries discuss ‘Leveraging analytics for better consumer connect’. Sunder…

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    Right analytics means right marketing: Mohan Jayaraman

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    Analytics is fast becoming the staff that organizations are coming to depend increasingly on in order to understand consumer behaviour, improve operational efficiency, and cut flab. But what are the dimensions that it will assume in the future? How should it grow out so that it can impact every aspect of business leading to effective…

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    Carlo Donati emphasises on quality of data; Marcia Tal delves on value creation

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    The inaugural edition of the Pitch Analytics in Action conference held in Bangalore took off with the keynote address by Carlo Donati, Former CEO, Nestle Waters & member of the Global Executive Board, Nestle South Asia on ‘Analytics in Action’. He spoke about the importance of using analytics to improve efficiency, increase ROI, and be…

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    Analytics should disrupt business and there should be cross-fertilisation

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    The e-commerce panel in the inaugural edition of the Pitch Analytics in Action conference held in Bangalore addressed the topic ‘How customer targeting in India is changing by leveraging analytics’. The session moderated by Tushar Vyas, Managing Partner, GroupM South Asia comprised panellists Ashok Banerjee, VP – Data Platform and Supply Chain Engineering, Flipkart and…

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    Unilever, ITC vouch for embedding analytics in business

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    The first round of the ‘Mixed Panel Presentations’ at the inaugural edition of the Pitch Analytics in Action conference held in Bangalore looked at the topic ‘Challenges in Analytics: An India Perspective’. Panelists CR Sundarrajan, Director Analytics, Developing & Emerging Markets, Unilever and G K Suresh, GM – Brands, Foods Business, ITC, gave extensive instances…

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    How many CEOs want to be CMOs? Question crops up at Octane event

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    Octane Research launched its third annual e-Marketing Research Report for India last weekend taking 500 marketers on board for the same, claiming to be the largest CMO research of its kind in the country. Majority, that is 26 per cent of the participating companies are retail and distribution and 24 per cent consist of services…

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    Customer retention is passe, customer acquistion primary goal for marketers: Survey

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    Segmentation and targeted marketing along with integration of different channels will be the growth drivers for e-marketing, according to India e-marketing Research Report 2013, released by marketing technology company, Octane, a few days ago. As social media continues to enhance a brand’s interaction and engagement with customers, the trend reflects clearly in the report too….

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    Pitch Analytics in Action brings forth elemental parts of marketing in Bengaluru

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    With an esteemed panel of speakers such as Carlo Donati, Former CEO, Nestle Waters; Marcia Tal, Former EVP, Citigroup Global; Pankaj Rai, Director, Dell Global Analytics; CR Sundarrajan, Director -Marketing Analytics – Developing and Emerging Markets, Unilever; GK Suresh, General Manager, Brands, ITC Foods; Ashok Banerjee, VP, Data Platform and Supply Chain Engineering, Flipkart; Tushar…

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    Do TVC couples get intimi-dated or are they intimi-dating?

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    The first impression and the meeting is always intimidating and at the same time impossible to subdue. It’s interesting to see how these three ads are interlinked. All of them have young couples, all of them have some or the other kind of mischief and all of them are behavioural. It’s ludicrous to see how ads…

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    Charge wireless: Nokia 920 claims to be first in India

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    Nokia, which launched its Lumia 920 series a few days ago, is looking to differentiate it from the current stream of smartphones in the market on the basis of three pillars – imaging and video, on the go entertainment, and location. With, Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia Lumia 820 and Nokia Lumia 620, the number of…