Will media ad industry cross Rs 30K Crore threshold? Find out on Feb 8

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pmmao-logo‘Cautious optimism’ that was the outlook for the media advertising industry for 2012 that Sam Balsara, Chairman & Managing Director, Madison World had predicted for the year 2012, last year. The growth projections for the media advertising industry for 2012 was pegged at a cautious 8-9 per cent, with a total ad pie of Rs 28,013 crore.

Will we achieve that? Pitch Madison Media Advertising Outlook 2013, presented by ABP News, will be unveiled on February 8, 2013 in Mumbai by Mr Balsara.

The Report last year, had predicted Television to retain the largest share worth Rs 12,626 Crore and in the vicinity of 45 per cent in the ad pie. However, the share could get toppled as we decide to include ad revenue figures for Search too in the Internet numbers and Transit Media revenues in the ad spends for Outdoor. The new numbers, particularly in the light that we’d expected Internet to be bullish and sustain a growth chart of 50 per cent, will for sure take up the share of both Internet and Outdoor and affect the share of other industry verticals like TV, Press, Radio and Cinema.

Meanwhile, press was likely to grow by six per cent in 2012 to clock ad revenue figures worth Rs 11,438 Crore; radio was expected to garner revenues worth Rs 948 crore at a growth rate of five per cent, bettering its growth rate, which was only two per cent in 2011; Outdoor was expected to grow by five per cent to garner Rs 1,362 crore; and cinema was expected to increase its share to 0.6 per cent in the ad pie, with a revenue of Rs 161 crore, up from Rs 140 crore in 2011.

Will the industry be able to achieve all that or will we outgrow our expectations? We will find out soon. Pitch Madison Media Advertising Outlook is the most respected industry report and is often quoted by all – advertisers and media owners for research and references. The Report has been serving the industry since 2003.

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