Too late? Pepsi sings the obsolete ‘impatient’ tune

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oya1“They say we’re impatient. We are,” went a young man’s voiceover, adding that with the number of friends to meet and things to do, the youth can’t wait for the clock to tick, the sun to rise or the tide to turn. Finally, it concluded: ‘Impatience is the new life. Live it with Airtel Broadband’. Remember? Let’s remind you. That was a TVC for Airtel Broadband, released in April 2009.

More than a year and a half later, Sonata, the mass watch brand from the Tata Group, warned the youth to ‘Wait Mat Kar‘. In retrospect, it was the year 2010, which defined the youth as an impatient lot. Brands scurried to position themselves catering to this demand and while some directly aligned themselves with the ‘impatient’ positioning, others got in services or did acts that showed that they were catering to the ‘Want it, and want it now’ demand. Coca-Cola had launched its TVC on the internet first, before it was released on television and the campaign was made available through SMS and blue-casting too, just to put it perspective that the youth needn’t wait to watch it on TV. HDFC claimed that its ATM dispersed money 40 per cent faster. As Airtel rolled out its 3G services, its positioning, Dil jo chahe paas laye, harped on instant gratification. And let’s not forget, that when Samsung had launched its ‘Impatience is Virtue’ campaign in UK in mid-2009, it had received mixed extreme criticism from all.

Welcome 2013. The champion of the ‘Youngistaan’ brigade, kept its patience and cool all this while, and woke up suddenly one fine afternoon, to announce, ‘Oh Yes Abhi’, before it missed the train. It either was sleeping till now, or was busy coaching the Indian cricket team to forget all tameez. The drubbing, the team got in the T-20 World Cup, we can just Wish: The Team had better palyed with some tameez.

Oh Yes, lest we forget, it’s Pepsi’s new positioning we are talking about – Oh Yes Abhi. Quite Innovative!? The new brand positioning, according to the company is in sync with the brand philosophy of Pepsi in the country that targets the youth. The brand claims that it is the start of a new path and will be showcasing a series of innovative initiatives to engage with its target audience over the year.

Deepika Warrier, VP, Marketing Beverages, PepsiCo India

Deepika Warrier, VP, Marketing Beverages, PepsiCo India

Deepika Warrier, VP, Marketing Beverages, PepsiCo India, in an official release said, that the new positioning is all about the impatient youth, who believe in making the most of the moment and therefore wants action ‘right now!’. “Oh Yes Abhi translates into live for the present, ‘now’ is the time to bring about a change; ‘now’ is the time to take action and many such sentiments synonymous to the young generation today. Our latest campaign illustrates all this and much more in a quintessential irreverent Pepsi package,” she opines.

Quite a revelation?

Celebrity endorsers such as Ranbir Kapoor and Mahendra Singh Dhoni who have earlier been associated with the beverage brand have been roped in for the campaign. Well Dhoni sang the same tune for Sonata too, but the lyrics were a little different. That went as ‘Wait Mat Kar’.

The TVC scheduled to go on air on February 1, portrays Ranbir Kapoor, Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Priyanka Chopra in their moments of impatience.

The commercial shows Ranbir Kapoor impatient to go and eat ‘Pani Puri’ coupled with his Pepsi in midst of a traffic jam. He’d created a jam in the ‘badtameez ad too. Priyanka Chopra is impatient to go and perform on stage and MS Dhoni impatient to celebrate after winning the World Cup who is otherwise a subtle calm and composed sportsperson. Which World Cup? It seems ages ago and after that we’ve only noticed quite a many losses. He may impatient, but selectors and Indian cricket lovers seem to be quite patient with him. And that patience has allowed him to keep his job intact.

Homi Battiwalla, Senior Director, Marketing (Colas, Juices and Hydration), PepsiCo India

Homi Battiwalla, Senior Director, Marketing (Colas, Juices and Hydration), PepsiCo India

Pepsi calls itself as a trend-setter in this ‘impatient’ league. “By anticipating the pulse of the nation ahead of the curve, Pepsi yet again establishes itself as a trend setting brand,” said Homi Battiwalla, Senior Director, Marketing (Colas, Juices and Hydration), PepsiCo India. He further said that Oh Yes Abhi, reiterates the hunger for impatience seen in the youth today and brings it alive in a revolutionary format. “This campaign is a great combination of impatience of the cola and impatience of youth presented in a grand manner,” he added.

With global net revenues upto $65 billion PepsiCo entered India in 1989 and claims to be one of the largest food and beverage businesses in India. Its Indian portfolio includes brands like Pepsi, Lay’s, Kurkure, Tropicana, Gatorade, Quaker, Nimbooz and Aliva. he company has been able to organically grow eight brands worth over Rs 1,000 crore in India.

The brand has always been riding on the youth brigade with positioning such as ‘Yehi Hai Right Choice Baby’, ‘There is Nothing official About it’, ‘Yeh Dil Maange More’, ‘Yeh Hai Youngistaan Meri Jaan’, ‘IPL, Na Tameez’, ‘Change the Game’ and ‘OH Yes Abhi’.

The Oh Yes Abhi will engage audiences through large scale ATL communication acticvites, claims the brand. A mix of radio, on-ground and outdoor will be used to promote the latest campaign and positioning. The brand will also be using Facebook and Twitter as a part of its digital strategy. Battiwalla also states that the focus will be more on Television, followed by digital and then dynamic OOH banners.

Surjo Dutt, Executive Director JWT

Surjo Dutt, Executive Director JWT

The creative agency behind the campaign is JWT, digital is being handled by Jack in the Box and Mindshare is the Media Planning agency roped in for the campaign. Surjo Dutt, Executive Director, JWT said that the film not only captures the stars in their impatient avatars, but also shows many moments from the everyday lives that exemplify the belief of ‘now’. “Moreover, we’ve worked with Nirvana Films who’ve been successful in showcasing the product in a completely new and larger than life manner,” Dutt added.

Yes, we’re impatient. So can we please move on. Please get us a new and more sensible positioning. May be some Thunder, or may be some craziness and some happiness?

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