What was the last thing you did for the Brand ‘YOU’?

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Tanvi Bhatt

Tanvi Bhatt, Director, Panache Studio

Friends, what goes around, comes around, and how! At least we wish it would.

If wishes were horses, I say: All the world’s brands and all the world’s wannabe brands would be playing derby – not 24X7; but 48X7! Moving on; but since they are not, let’s get real. We wish that by doing our 9 to 5 dos we would make it big, make it magnanimous, just by letting our work speak for itself.

Breaking News: Today, if you do NOT stand out and speak up for your work, your unique promise of value, neither will your work. Well, at least not at a scale where it would be heard by the hawks and eagle eyes of the corporate citizens and brands-that matter to you.

In this glocal affair between our real and virtual lives, where the whole world is your stage, you do have the never before opportunity to rock that stage. But do we? Do we proactively jump the stage, grab the mike, own the spotlight? Not really; Most of us still are not comfortable tooting our own horn. But my friends, in this virtual/digital/social age of offering a fantastic brand experience every single moment, it’s indeed not perceived as tooting your horn any more. It is about claiming your niche, owning the niche, fortifying it and rocking it-like no other. It’s about emerging from behind the scenes and showing the world who you are, what you are made of, how you add value, and why you matter-above the rest.

In fact the irony of this situation is that amongst our brilliant marketing fraternity, many of us who are marketers par excellence, who have been building and nurturing the iconic corporate brands they hail from, sadly, do not realize the brand they are foremost responsible and accountable for-is their own personal brand. You are the sole custodian, the ideator, the chief branding officer and the chief executive officer (etc. etc… you get my point!) of your personal brand. And needless to mention, but your personal brand’s reputation is as significant as your corporate brand’s-if not more.

Coming back to our case in point: If you just do your job-a-do and wait for the karmic circle to turn around, you might be kept waiting for a good deal of time. But if you fuel your karmic cycle with an enriching legacy that you build for your own brand-above and beyond your normal job-a-do; then you are on a roll! You may then proudly don your ‘branded hat’ and bask in the glory of your brand karma-and how! OK, enough with the gyaan – it’s time; time to welcome and celebrate a brand new way of life-rather a ‘Brand N-YOU’ way of life-time to indulge into personal branding.

Your Personal Brand is your reputation. Period. Personal Branding is the art of building and proactively nurturing the visibility, credibility and the reputation of the Brand YOU. In today’s deluge of corporate brands, people brands and their voices, your work-in silo-could get lost, might even go extinct if you do not grow and evolve your brand with times. Consider the ship of personal branding as the Noah’s ark which will ensure that it protects and nurtures your precious brand reputation from getting lost at bay; giving it the opportunity to survive the flood of me-toos out there, and lastly, evolve and emerge as a formidable survivor.

The Brand YOU is undoubtedly the captain of this ship; who will steer through this journey of personal branding and discover a whole new world of hopes and dreams. My question to you is, are you game sailor? Tanvi Bhatt is a Personal Brand Strategist, who empowers Leaders to become Thought Leaders; Thought Leaders to become ICONS: ICONS who offer a Brandtastic experience to the world! Connect with her on Twitter @Tanvi_Bhatt

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