Do creative agencies understand digital?

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client-loves-your-workWhile digital marketing is yet to see spending commensurate to what marketers have been devoting to offline media, the medium has caught the attention of not just brand managers, marketing heads and digital evangelists but also traditional creative agencies. Now, most agencies either have a separate digital arm handling the digital part of a client’s media brief or are acquiring boutique firms to expand their reach on digital.

However, have agencies been able to understand the complexities of this medium fully or is digital still a standalone marketing tool? Impact Roundtable, ‘Digital Marketing in 2013 and Beyond’ held in New Delhi, yesterday, sought to deliberate on these topics and understand where the industry is headed.
According to Glen Ireland, CEO, Dentsu Digital, while bigger networks are expanding and embracing digital, not many are clear of how digital will be integrated in its overall strategy. “There needs to a cohesive and integrated strategy,” he opined.

Avijit Arya, Founder & CEO, Internet Moguls echoed similar thoughts and spoke about the need for an integrated approach to internet marketing. Representing an agency that specializes in hospitality marketing, he spoke of how verticalization and focus on one sector has helped the brand in attracting clients.

Meanwhile, agencies also face the challenge of analytics and ROI. According to Litin Purohit, Operations Head, Everymedia, the definition of ROI should be changed to ‘return on influence’. He spoke of the need to develop the skill set of the people handling digital in agencies and focus on the psychology of social.

Bharat Malik, Country Head, OMG was of the opinion that the market mix should be changed to more cost-effective mediums and going forward analytics is set to improve.

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