About 8% of money spent on TV is going to mobile

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mobile-marketingThe meteoric rise in the number of people consuming content on various digital platforms and rapid technological advancement has made digital an integral component of the marketing blueprint of companies. And much of it is being fuelled by the proliferation of mobile.

According to Sameer Agarwal, Director, Marketing, Rocketalk, the year 2012 saw ‘every brand becoming obsessed about owning, creating and maintaining a mobile app’.

Many marketers, according to him, have moved directly from television to mobile. “Among larger brands, approximately eight per cent of the money spent on television is going to mobile.”

For a lot of time, display and search continued to dominate the digital ad pie. Slowly, the emergence of social media altered this equation. And a major contributor to these changes has been the proliferation of mobile.

For Sandeep Amar, Former Vice President & Head- Marketing and Audience, Indiatimes, while display started to lose its sheen in 2012, 2013 will see social and ORM gaining more importance.

“In the last two quarters of last year brands started moving from basic display to measurable engagement. And going forward, the trend will move from campaign driven engagement to larger engagement,” added Agarwal.

From a scenario where news websites were struggling to drive interactivity and conversation on their websites, Rashmi Chugh, Business Head & Publisher, Hindustantimes.com, Livemint.com & Livehindustan.com spoke of how 2012 became a year which saw a change in the response mechanism from online consumers.

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