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warcAccording to UK based, global provider of ideas and evidence to marketing people, Warc, marketers have started the new year with a positive outlook. The headline GMI, a metric which combines monthly responses from a global panel of marketers regarding trends they have observed in marketing budgets, trading conditions and staffing levels, registered a reading of 55.0, this month.

This represents an improvement of 2.5 points from December 2012 and is the index’s highest recorded value since May 2012. At a regional level, marketers in Asia Pacific registered the biggest increase in headline GMI: the index rose by 2.3 points to a value of 53.8. The Americas remains the most positive region, with a comparable reading of 58.0. While Europe remains the least positive, the European headline GMI returned to growth in January, rising to 51.9 from 49.7 last month. This is the first time the index has shown an improvement in the region since September 2012.

The GMI, provides a unique monthly indicator of the state of the global marketing industry, by tracking current conditions among marketers. A GMI reading of 50 indicates no change, and a reading of over 60 indicates rapid growth.

The Index for global trading conditions continues to indicate fairly rapid improvement for January on 57.9, a modest 0.8 point rise from December. Asia Pacific (57.8) and Europe (55.4) both registered month on month increases. The same index for the Americas stands at 59.3, representing a 1.8 point decline from the previous month.

The index of global marketing budgets registered growth in January (50.4) for the first time since May 2012. The index has only registered a positive reading four times in the last 16 months. January’s global reading has been buoyed by improved confidence in the Americas (up to 53.9 from 50.2). However, marketers in Asia Pacific (48.1) and Europe (46.2) continue to cut budgets.

tableThe global index of staffing levels – the third component of headline GMI – shows significant improvement in January, on 56.7. By region, the index for the Americas indicated rapidly rising levels of employment with a reading of 61.0, with Asia Pacific on 55.6 and Europe on 54.0.

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