Experiencing bio-digital Jazz through the red spectacles

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Thru the Red specs 260To my advantage as a correspondent, out of all the conferences, events, launches and announcements that I am duty bound to attend, a few leave an impression not in the form of its magnanimity but in terms of the knowledge that I gain out of it (that doesn’t mean that I don’t learn anything from the others).  Automobile, gadget and gizmo launches obviously are exciting, circumlocution would be cloaking my male genes. Nevertheless, bloggers meets and group discussions may sound irksome, but trust me, the kind of people one meets and the ideas that are floated in the atmosphere leave you quite erudite.

There are many such closed group meetings that I have been fortuitous enough to be a part of, but a recent one struck a chord and hence I write about that. Well all this may seem PRish but since there is no brand to be publicised, it defies the purpose of a broadcast.  Anyways, Hauz Khas Village, though it has been perennial in the city, has become extremely contemporary for the youngsters in recent years, a closed group meeting of experts from different verticals of the industry at the village had creative written all over it. Kunzum cafe, a hangout, that my colleague had written about having a very unique proposition in the age of profits and inflation, its pay as you wish pricing, developed by a travel writer/photographer/former journalist, who says that he wanted Kunzum to be a place where the ownership rests with the company and did not want any entry barriers for anyone coming in. Well without further digress; Kunzum hosted what is called a LinkedIn Mix to discuss the pros and cons of social media, blogging and the digital paradigm shift.

Professionals from businesses, entrepreneurs, senior image associates, and bloggers discussed the flipside of digital social media, about the morality of paid blogs and the gap between the talent in social media and bloggers who let their imagination flow.  It is true that the industry lacks people who write on social networking or blogs and there is a difference of communication between the tech developers and marketing. An interesting point that was raised, caught my attention, the people who make and develop technology are passionate about it and never get a chance of expressing their  side of the story while marketing the product, its left to the briefs and the creative agency as well as the marketers. Why? Because even though being experts in their field they still fall short of words and opportunities when they come upfront on the digital frontier.

The challenge is that SEM (search engine marketing) is interested in PPC (pays per click) rather than an expert writing a blog or a comment for the product when it comes to digital. Agencies should work with the product guys so that they can give an eye-opening revelation about the product, one that becomes the USP of the project. Another interesting point that was raised was about the reason for entrepreneurs, CEOs and “Big-Shots” not writing a blog or being active on social networking is because they are afraid of criticism. As Indians we are a complaining lot and social has become the best platform for complaining, hence, can’t complain about the CEOs not participating.

What was gathered out of it all was about content. Content   has to be delivered differently, are we creating content or just pushing it, were the catechisms that we were left to ponder about. To be a part of this and then think about moral as well as philosophical aspects of the bio-digital jazz synthesises my own actions. How many times do I go onto Facebook or LinkedIn or my Blog to write something concrete except a personal status update on my wall, a new professional connection or an article such as this? What matters most and how can I bring a change? Well maybe these questions will be answered if I start attending more such forums.

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