Do TVC couples get intimi-dated or are they intimi-dating?

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bakwaas-band-karThe first impression and the meeting is always intimidating and at the same time impossible to subdue. It’s interesting to see how these three ads are interlinked. All of them have young couples, all of them have some or the other kind of mischief and all of them are behavioural. It’s ludicrous to see how ads project relationships to be overrated and project them as something from Jupiter rather than Earth. Nevertheless, a disclaimer for the parents of yore, nothing like this happens in reality, unless the ads really have an effect on the couples and not the product.

Boom chicka what?
Axe always reminds me of an incident I dipped into, which unfortunately turned out to be a hoax. A 26 year old man from New Delhi apparently ended up filing a lawsuit against Unilever for 26,000 Pounds because after using the deodorant for years the poor guy couldn’t attract a single woman. Ostensibly using Axe gets you women, maybe, in your dreams. Of course, Unilever is gilded enough to hire raunchy models for its advertisements and parsimoniously the men in the ad are also goofy looking (which explains the false lawsuit). Nevertheless, Axe is just getting better and better, or rather I should say kinkier. The latest by the brand is ‘Boom Chicka Wah Wah’ where a conventional guy takes his ‘American’ girlfriend/fiancée/god knows who to meet his ‘conventional’ parents. What happens next is even more outlandish, the father of the boy steps into the bathroom and while eyeballing things in the bathroom puffs himself some ‘Axe’ deodorant (that too by mistake). Stepping out, the young ‘American’ girl starts singing the ‘boom chicka wah wah’ song as if it’s coming out of a distorted guitar and strips the to-be father-in-law to his undergarments. The ad conjectures that the brand has made the fragrances stronger which makes girls go ‘boom chicka wah wah’. I don’t know if it is good or bad news for the 40+ or 50+ men aka to-be father-in-laws but one thing is for sure, a lot of thought goes into the ad, not for concocting it but for understanding it. Also the details raise a few questions, how come girls suddenly become powerful enough to strip a suit, a shirt in one go? And why does she behave as if she’s got a leash on him? Anyways, I go with the embarrassed father’s last lines, ‘God bless America’.


Got property – will impress
No wonder fathers are apprehensive while meeting their daughter’s boyfriends and the obvious questions is ‘Ghar hai iskey paas’? To all the young men out there going to meet the ‘father’ for the first time, 99acres will save the day… maybe. After this question by the seemingly busy old father stacking his books, the guy pulls out his ‘smart’ Smartphone only to log into 99acres and show a property that is a prospective rent-in. ‘Sochna Bhi Mat’ with an apparent ‘ridiculing’ expression is what the father says, of course thinking about the well being of his daughter. The next, he shows is an image of what seems to be a corporate office of UN for buying on 99 acres, well to be his future home… I won’t say maybe this time; instead in-feasible would be the right word. Somehow, after this image of the ‘buy property’, I am a wee-bit clueless why does the father say the same words ‘Sochna Bhi Mat’ in a convivial manner and the daughter gets excited? Is it because he is again sardonic about the idea or he is just repeating his words in a more polite manner? Nevertheless, the ad shows the couple and the father moving into another room where there is a picture of the father and the daughter standing in front of a huge house and the father bestows the house upon him. What follows is a scene from the movie Inception (Nolan will probably kill me for this) it is like the boy is dreaming of selling the entrusted house on 99acres and in the dream there is a voice ‘Sochna Bhi Mat’. The communication reminds me of an example, in school especially CBSE, kids are told to focus on ‘keywords’ to be written in answers because that is what the examiner looks at, no matter what the content. Similarly, the ‘keywords’ are present in the TVC too; rent, buy and sell but the ad doesn’t make sense. I always thought they would come out with something iconic after that old ‘Mughal-E-Azam’ scene, 500 year old Akbar finding property on 99acres.

Energy bar to get far!
If you are with your parents for a jog or an outing and your boyfriend or girlfriend wants to meet you and you have no escape, well, Cadbury has come up with a truly ‘perky’ idea. Just give them a bar of the Cadbury Perk Glucose, which will eventually make them go away from you and you can have some privacy. Somehow, I don’t think this ad, even though is impish but still is a bit detrimental. The TVC shows a father and daughter jogging and ultimately taking rest on a bench, while the daughter gives her dad a Perk Glucose, which in turn revs him up for another two rounds of the park and trying to seize the opportunity she whistles to her ‘guy-friend’. Notwithstanding the ad is funny but it lacks values, playful in terms but could take a different route with parents. I can already see a look on their faces with the thought in their minds ‘Yehi kartey hain hamaare bacchey, jab hum aas paas nahin hotey?’ Well to all the uncles and aunties, you were also teens and not-so-teens at some point of time. Anyways, you have got to be open for kids to share.  About the ad well functionality aspect has been well explained but would still wouldn’t like to go with the wholesome ineffectual communication. Well, rest is up to the readers and viewers, I’m just a guy writing some stuff.

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