Avoid breaking a nee with Midea AC or throw up your Albo for milavat

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bakwaas-band-kar Twenty to 45 seconds and a minute long advertisements on television these days are like Delhi ‘Autowalas’. They will take you around the whole city before reaching the destination. The right tariff or not, let’s not go there. Coming back to advertisements, for example in a 40 second TVC, everything irrelevant will be shown till 30 seconds and then the product in the last 10. And I thought they are supposed to make an impact on the audience so that they are reminiscent of the brand. All one can remember is the ad and not the product or the brand. Well good for the creative agencies, next time they should be the ones flashing their logos somewhere in the realm of the commercial. Nevertheless, here are some examples that would lead you to think that a lot of thought has gone behind making denseness perceivable.


Peerfact Espelleng
There are all kinds of newspaper insertions that goes directly into the dustbin, well the theory of marketing behind it, I suppose is that the insertion is momentous  enough to be taken out, given a unceremonious glance and then thrown. Colourful glossy ones, yellow ones, normal white offset ones, and then there are the ‘pink’ ones. I suggest if you want to brighten up your day with laughter, instead of chucking the ‘pink’ newspaper insertion, just read it.  Well, as you go through it, it will seem like the advertiser has put immeasurable time to make an impact and entail everything that should be highlighted. I came across a rather snaring pamphlet about yoga classes, unfortunately the ‘creative agency’ seems to have gone that extra mile to grab attention. Fat has become ‘Fate’ , Depression has become ‘Deepretion’, knee is ‘Nee’, elbow is ‘Albo’ and weight is ‘wet’ among others. Nevertheless, it’s apparently only available for ‘home service’ with a highlight ‘Every pain yoga for satisfied’.  Impressive, but the pamphlet misses out on the conjunctions, verbs and tenses, conditionals, adjectives and adverbs and a couple of other grammatical insertions along with focus on spelling.  Anyway, I think laughter is also a form of yoga ‘hasayoga’ only in this case it is not self triggered.

Of Rips and Tweaks
If your wife or girlfriend comes home after work and switches on the AC, Midea Technologies feels that they are not to be messed with. In the latest TVC and probably the first, Midea has ‘empowered’ women in a contradistinctive manner.  The husband switches the AC off, explaining his concern about the spike in electricity bills, well yes, in a condescending tone, to which the wife dislodges him on the bed, rips open his shirt, ‘waxes’ his chest and pours what seems to be aftershave, well, pun intended, ‘that burns’. Any way, ludicrously all this is still in the mental pipeline of the lady or the man when it come to the reality of the projected TVC. The wife shirks off her husband smothering her emotions.  Also, the exalted quote ‘idle mind is the devil’s workshop’ has been tweaked to this circumstance to say ‘angry head is a devil’s workshop’ and ‘instant cooling and 50 per cent power saving with this brand’. This reminds me of the shampoos that boast permanent dandruff removal dynamism and people believe them, no AC can instantly cool, well depends if you are sitting in a four square feet area.  Nevertheless, the TVC ends with a rather hoggish narration ‘now only feel love, for the ones you love’. Hereafter, what does one learn? Keep the AC switched on all the time to be the charm of your wife and save 50 percent electricity? Maybe..

TVC Mein Milavat?
After India lost the series recently, I guess nobody wants to talk about cricket. But one of the TVCs that was played in the thick of the overs by Perfetti Van Melle unmasked quite a bit about cricket these days (no offence to the game).  This advertisement reminds me of the Mad Angle snack ads. No connection in communication but still a part of the TVC. Regardless of the product, the TVC shows the running batsman, going for the catch leaving his bat behind, eventually securing the ball and celebrating with the umpire as well as the bowling team. ‘Lagta Hai Yeh Sab Miley Huey Hain’ like the Center Fruit Mingle, the ‘Mila Jula Gum’.  Well, Ogilvy being the creative agency, I expected more, but since it has a bat and a ball and wickets in a stadium, I guess everybody is behoved to like it akin to other incongruous ads. Thankfully, no real actors, ahem, cricketers were used for this ad, because then Indian s would have started following Kho-Kho as a religion instead. Of course there is a disclaimer which people cannot obviously read, very much like other disclaimers, which is long and unhelpful but basically says ‘work of fiction’ if I put it in a nutshell.

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