10: Nokia Lumia: ‘No’ Kia to ‘Yes’ Kia

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At No 10, in our ’10 Brands that got marketing right in 2012″ list is Nokia Lumia

As per research firm IDC, Nokia’s market share in India at the end of 2009 was 54 per cent. Just six months later, it had plunged to 36 per cent and the story went downhill from there. Nokia then came up with Lumia late last year, in a bid to overturn its fortunes. There have been extensive, assorted marketing initiatives taken up to showcase the Lumia.

The first campaign titled ‘The Amazing Everyday’ placed Lumia as a phone that allowed one to easily share everyday moments and sync their physical and digital worlds effortlessly. In malls across the country, ‘experience zones’ were set up with giant live devices and monster headsets. To amplify the ‘Amazing Everyday’ campaign in the social media space, people were invited to visit the Nokia Facebook page and submit short stories, videos and photos on how they have been able to turn their everyday routine life into an Amazing Day.

Nokia-LumiaOn-ground activities took off in early December with flash mobs that took off simultaneously in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. In Mumbai, the handset major tied up with corporate parks to
arrange a pick-up-and-drop for their employees from their premises to the nearest train station and back using branded buses and cabs. Free branded cab service was also arranged for media houses and agencies.
Flash cricket was organised in malls in Chennai and Delhi where well-known cricketers Muralitharan and Kieron Pollard surprised mall-goers and played a game of cricket in a field created in the mall with the winning team getting to click a picture with the celebrity cricketer and pictures shared on popular social networking site.

In Delhi and Kolkata, artificial snow zones were arranged where visitors could take pictures and upload them on social networking sites. To further the youth connect, Nokia organised the ‘Nokia Amazing Journo’ contest at Indiafest. Students were asked to report the fest live from Goa through the Lumia and upload ‘Amazing Everyday’ moments on to the Indiafest page. Eight participants won the Nokia Lumia and were declared as ‘Nokia Amazing Journos’. Nokia also branded Jet aircrafts entirely with the new Lumia’s colours, thus turning the aircrafts into virtual flying billboards.

Viral Oza, Director-Marketing, Nokia India

Viral Oza, Director-Marketing, Nokia India

“The Lumia ‘Amazing Everyday’ campaign has been one of our most successful campaigns; finding strong resonance with the youth audience who are looking to enhance every day experiences, by sharing them with their friends and family”

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