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    Single policy for one entire family: A Max Bupa coverage

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    Max Bupa Insurance has introduced a new concept of ‘one family, one health insurance’, whereby it is offering customers the option of buying a single health insurance for the entire family, irrespective of the size. To showcase this flagship product ‘Heartbeat Family First’ which covers five generations, the insurance company has launched a new brand…

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    Will media ad industry cross Rs 30K Crore threshold? Find out on Feb 8

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    ‘Cautious optimism’ that was the outlook for the media advertising industry for 2012 that Sam Balsara, Chairman & Managing Director, Madison World had predicted for the year 2012, last year. The growth projections for the media advertising industry for 2012 was pegged at a cautious 8-9 per cent, with a total ad pie of Rs…

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    Too late? Pepsi sings the obsolete ‘impatient’ tune

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    “They say we’re impatient. We are,” went a young man’s voiceover, adding that with the number of friends to meet and things to do, the youth can’t wait for the clock to tick, the sun to rise or the tide to turn. Finally, it concluded: ‘Impatience is the new life. Live it with Airtel Broadband’….

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    Will brands play Hack-a-Shaq to NBA moves in India

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    How many of us would like to see an Indian wearing an NBA Lakers, Toronto Raptors, New York Knicks jersey, dunk the basket ball net somewhere in the international basketball court? Or do you think that all of the above is incomprehensible and you will have to Google search it all? Well, the well known…

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    Maintaining marketing integrity

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    The general perception about Marketing integrity varies as we go across geographies. One more thing that changes at the top level is the psyche of the customer. But the fundamental point remains – Integrity and value will always stick in your customer’s mind and become synonymous with your brand. Compromising on this in any way…

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    Online shopping in India on rise; COD preferred payment method

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    Online shopping in India has hit a tipping point and is expected to see exponential growth in 2013, according to a report by search giant Google India and TNS. The report highlights exponential growth in interest in online shopping by Indians as per data recorded on Google Trends*. Online shopping in India saw 128 per…

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    RB buys out Kohinoor; TTK out to Skore a point with the youth

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    Gone are the days where condoms were bought in a discreet manner. The usage of the terms like ‘raincoat’ have been replaced by the brand and their ‘colourful’ utilitarian identity. What earlier on television would be an ad about a conventional Indian couple walking away into the sunset – hand in hand – has been…

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    What was the last thing you did for the Brand ‘YOU’?

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    Friends, what goes around, comes around, and how! At least we wish it would. If wishes were horses, I say: All the world’s brands and all the world’s wannabe brands would be playing derby – not 24X7; but 48X7! Moving on; but since they are not, let’s get real. We wish that by doing our…

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    Humour: The Marketing Plan

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    Friday evening meetings, over a drink at a bar, and fancy plans planned. Yet, you got a little tipsy and forgot the blueprint. Beat the Monday blues with a bit of tongue-in-cheek humour, and incidents from our marketing world. Have a great week ahead.

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    Digital entrepreneurship on the rise; but is it time for spring-cleaning?

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    While spend allocation to digital is gradually seeing an upward swing and the pool of internet entrepreneurs and digital start ups is continuing to grow, but will the ‘Burgeoning of Entrepreneurship’ in the medium see spring cleaning in 2013? Industry leaders and observers at the Impact Roundtable, ‘Digital Marketing in 2013 and Beyond’, held in…