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    VESPA Revamps Scooter : Road to Ramp Journey

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    Case Study: Vespa Agency: Mediacom Background: Once upon a time, the Indian scooter market was ruled by giants like Honda and TVS with more than 70% market share between them. The market was defined by only one parameter– efficiency. Over the years, all scooter brands have looked the same to the consumer. Most of them…

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    70% follow social media for business purposes – Can it be ignored ?

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    70% social media visitors are frequenting platforms for business purposes which surely wants to make B2B marketers to want to sit up and take note. Lets start by understanding a few quick facts about B2B social media marketing Organisations set varied goals on social media which in descending order range from brand awareness, customer acquisition…

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    Are marketers sensitive to the cultural shifts taking place in society?

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    The changes in society and cultural landscapes impact brands and marketers in various ways. A marketer need not just be aware of these changes but should also be able to adapt his product and its positioning to the changing requirements of society. Everything is changing on today’s date at a rapid pace. Whether it is…

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    5 Guidelines for making great Youth Marketing Campaigns

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    If you’re still getting the hang of ‘YOLO’ in an effort to connect with the youth, you’re already one step behind. They’ve already moved on to tweaking which is also breathing its last in the collective youth consciousness and in dire danger of being replaced by the next fad that catches their fancy. Marketing to…

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    Mobile Advertising in 2014

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    As mobile advertising continues to evolve, Dippak Khurana, CEO and Co-Founder of Vserv.mobi predicts the key trends that will drive the industry next year- 1. Native advertising will lead to richer user engagement Native advertising on mobile will undergo a lot of customization as marketers will closely emulate and leverage the characteristics of the mobile…

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    Top 10 ads on YouTube 2013 in India

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    As the countdown to 2014 begins, Youtube looks back at the advertisements that became popular in 2013. Going by the number of views, here are the Top 10 Ads on Youtube from 2013. Dove Real Beauty Sketches: The short film used an FBI-trained sketch artist to draw women first based on their own self-perception and…

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    How Hotels Are Embracing the Web And Engaging With Their Customers

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    In the digital age, customer engagement has become a fast-paced, sometimes near-instantaneous endeavor. Customers browsing for goods and services online or through mobile technology can make decisions within seconds, and a single bad experience or company misstep can have fast, brutal repercussions as word-of-mouth spreads with all the speed of the Internet and use of…

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    A brand that urges youth to “open up” and be themselves

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    The emotional need to express oneself is very huge among the youth and it is this need that Tata DoComo, the GSM brand of Tata Teleservices, has tapped through its positioning and the specific campaign that urges the young to “open up”. Through its leadership in the digital media space, the brand has established a…

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    Innovative ways to engage the customer sets CCD apart from competitors

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    The country’s largest coffee retail chain Cafe Coffee Day is looking to expand to 2000 outlets by 2015. The cafe chain remains undeterred and undisturbed by competition, confident about its knowledge of the Indian market. It knows to how play the game right. Customer engagement through the digital medium has become a strong component of…