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    Pitch CMO Summit 2011: Blackberry – Get younger

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    When Blackberry first entered India in 2004, it strongly focused on the enterprise customers. But over time, the brand realised that a large part of the growth in the entire smart-phone market was beginning to happen in the non-corporate segment that largely comprised of the youth. The Challenge Thus the first challenge for Blackberry was…

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    Pitch CMO Summit 2011: Samsonite – Travel in style

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    Luggage as a category in India has been dominated by a single player for the past 40 years. However there are new players who have entered the market and have changed the design grammar and the selling formula for the products. Samsonite has been one of them. The challenge The challenge for Samsonite was to…

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    Pitch CMO Summit 2011: Vodafone – Global vs local

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    When four and a half years back, Vodafone entered the Indian market, the telecom space was already cluttered with about a dozen existing service providers competing with each other to better their market share. The Challenge Being a global player, the primary challenge before Vodafone was to keep its premium imagery intact yet become inclusive…

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    Pitch CMO Summit 2011: Croma – Guided selling

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    The Challenge When the multi-branded chain, Croma, was launched in 2006, its competitors were focusing on deals and discounting to attract customers. The major challenge for Croma, therefore, was “how to become a preferred choice for consumers in CDIT category without compromising on pricing”. The Strategy Unlike other players who typically talked about pricing and…

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    Pitch CMO Summit 2011: Samsung – Playing smart

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    The words ‘middle class’ have become synonymous with another two words, ‘emerging markets’. According to industry experts, in the next 10-20 years, this group will probably take from where India is today to becoming the largest consumer markets. The Challenge The challenge for Samsung was to tap into this lucrative section of society with premium…

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    Pitch CMO Summit 2011: Cafe coffee Day – A great hang-out

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    According to an estimate, per capita consumption of coffee in India is 82 grams per person per year compared to USA where the per capita consumption is four kg. Thus, India offers a huge growth opportunity for coffee market in India. The Challenge But the challenge here was to cater to the taste and mood…

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    Pitch CMO Summit 2011: Lenovo – The ‘do’ culture

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    The world of technology has evolved from being complex to becoming simple and intuitive. With high disposable income, good purchasing power and high aspirations, today’s generation is more demanding. The Challenge Engaging with this digitally connected generation and becoming the ‘cool’ brand is a challenge. For Lenovo, the task was to move away from the…

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    Pitch CMO Summit 2011: Tanishq – Gold rush

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    Despite the ever increasing price, gold remains to be a favourite among Indian consumers. As a commodity, gold jewellery does not just have an emotional appeal but also a rational appeal in terms of being an investment option. The Challenge However, the mass-appeal of the commodity also implies a number of players in the category,…

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    Pitch CMO Summit 2011: Hariyali Bazaar – Organised rural

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    When Hariyali Kissan Bazaar, a rural retail chain, was launched in 2000, it offered products catering to the needs of sugar mill farmers to help them produce better quality crop. Its stores offered agronomical services, fertilisers, pesticides, seeds, animal feeds, and irrigation equipment. Today, the chain has 275 stores, across eight states. The Challenge As…