Shopping: Sony top search; Flipkart rising

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google-trendsSony may not have had great product launches in the last 12 months, yet on Google trends in India, the brand features as a top search brand for ‘shopping’ on Google Trends. Meanwhile, Flipkart is the brand to look forward to, which is rising on Google Search as a ‘shopping’ category and has seen a 250 per cent rise over the previous period.

If 100 is considered as the peak search volume, and Sony comes at 100, Sony is followed by two other consumer electronics brands – Nokia and Samsung at 90 and 85 respectively. ‘Online shopping’ as a search term comes close behind Samsung at 70 and is a notification of a trend that more and more people are getting comfortable shopping online. And Flipkart, the pioneer in e-commerce in India, which tops the ‘rising list’ with 250 per cent increase, just reiterates the point. Online shopping, and Online shopping sites, as search terms have seen a 150 per cent and 130 per cent rise respectively. Meanwhile, homeshop18 has seen a 90 per cent rise. Samsung Galaxy is another brand that has seen a 50 per cent rise.

So what is India searching for? Shoes and cameras, which are at 60 and 50 respectively on a peak volume base and behind ‘online shopping’ as a search term.





Sony also tops the list, if filtered down to ‘consumer electronics’ with 100 as a peak search volume. Samsung, Nikon, and Canon are far behind at 55, 40 and 30. In between, are non-branded search terms like camera and mp4. In the rising list in the ‘consumer electronics’ category, if Asha 305 is a breakout, Lumia 710 has seen an increase of 850 per cent. Meanwhile, there is a rising interest in Samsung LED TVs too, which has seen a rise of 70 per cent.

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