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bakwaas-band-karWhy do 90 per cent of the advertisements have to have women? Well I do understand it is the extra ‘oomph’ that a woman adds but what is the connect? Why are women used as the point of focus for advertisements be it print, TV, OOH? Some advertisers say that it is to maintain a balance and to show the actual behavioural ratio and circumstance, some others say that it sells. For example why does a mobile ad have to have a pretty lady? Why not the features? Why should a tyre ad have a pretty girl on the road? Well certain catechism I shall leave you with as you go through the ads below and find a connect with the use of women for advertising. Strong statement maybe, but one cannot deny the fact that is undermined. Enjoy.

Hungry Woman is an Angry Woman!
How come the thousands of other brands in India or the globe couldn’t rope in Rekha for an ad. As far as I know, she has never done any advertisement in her Bollywood career, well still continuing Bollywood career if I may say. But somehow Snickers was able to outdistance all others by elucidating a certain nature of Rekha present in all of us though its new ad. Well I was introduced to a new phenomenon: ‘Hungry Woman is an Angry Woman!’ and have experienced it too. Who hasn’t? But if the auxiliary turns into Bhanurekha Ganesan (I bet you did not know that) or Urmila Matondkar, then for some it would be propitious to keep them hungry. Anyways coming to the next point about the communication ‘hunger acche acchon ko badal deta hai’ and then the coherence to the actress or heroine, is a wee bit demeaning. In a given circumstance, not all heroines are hungry, not all are angry, not all have Snickers as an alternative meal replacement. Here is to RK Swamy BBDO India, the creative agency for Mars Incorporated’s Snickers, the fallacy you have committed is hasty generalisation. Nevertheless, the ad tried to make its point with Bhanurekha AKA Rekha, why does Urmila come into the picture? Maybe is suggestive of the fact that, now every member in that car will turn into a Bollywood actress. Wonder who will be Helen, since its going back to the middle age era of heroines.

Malfunctioning Magnet?
Hero Motocorp has done it again, the antecedent for having a back seat in bikes. The new Hero Glamour bike ad says it all.  Don’t be alarmed that was out of sarcasm. What I meant was with the new Hero Glamour which is an ‘apparent girl magnet’ as shown in the advertisement attracts pulchritudinous women to its back seat. As the ‘feature-istic’ story of the bike unfolds, self start, headlights, accelerator etc, beguiles different women to its back seat. What must be given away to JWT, the creative agency as a bonus that maybe saves the ad is the raunchy background music, Nayan Mataka. Isn’t glamour about show? Something that stands out, is aspirational, but unapproachable by most? Anyways, ladies you are in for a free ride on these bikes and others too as mostly all the brands have a similar approaching communication, buy the bike and get the girl on the backseat. One way or the other, I think bike brands should take a back seat from the coequal strategy.

Kohli as usual has his ways
Sometimes, I think if cricketers could only be sportsmen and then I feel I’m kidding myself. Well in the new Celkon Smartron Mobile ad, Virat Kohli, known for his escapades on and off field, teaches his screen friends a lesson on how to woo a girl and his impression on how to shut people up with the Celkon Smartron. With all the hype about the recent Delhi rape case and public taking the streets, I somehow felt this ad should have had a disclaimer, ‘do not try this at home or in public’. According to the ad, which has minimum focus on the brand and communication for the first 55 seconds, when you drop your phone in between a sitting girl and the chair’s backrest, she will not notice, after an apparent fiasco with her boyfriend she will be concerned and give a random guy a missed call because he says so, unless she knows he is Virat and give him her name too. Well if ‘ladki patana’ was so easy and over-communication was at this degree, then there would probably be less eve teasers. To be candid about one thing, a part of the communication was bang-on ‘sabki bolti band’ well after the ad, at least mine was, not out of the idea but ridicule.

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