Wearing a Rado does not get you places; eating Stop Not injures Sportsmen

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For more than two months now, Bakwass Marketing of the Week has been bringing, atypical and ludicrous marketing activities and TVCs to your attention. Well we have thought that, just ridiculing them has imperceptible effect on, if I may say target audience. Hence, to take a stronger stand and meat-and-potato way forward, without change in the positioning or the TG for this post or the content, we bring to you ‘Bakwaas Band Kar’. Hope you enjoy and leave your feedback and suggestions with us.

Keeping track of time but not the road
Now I know how Hritik Roshan vamooses for a party, he wakes up, shows off his muscular cuts, puts on un-ironed clothes, wears a cool watch and runs outside. And not only that, he doesn’t have a car or any mode of transport but bumps, jumps, climbs and performs Parkour(military obstacle course training) in the middle of the street on Auto-Rickshaws, rooftops and Ambassador cars. What I did not latch onto is the fact that, even after all that, he somehow still manages to graze and scratch his Rado watch which fortunately or unfortunately for the actor appears to be a Hyperchrome priced above Rs 2.2 lakh. I did not also cognize the fact that, after running though almost all kinds of obstacles for a party and then walking in a ‘cool’ manner through the smirking audience, why does he tell the other couple that they are late? Showing off the watch eh? And to top all of that with a nice cherry, the brand’s positioning comes into play; ‘Always Perfect’. I think parents and teachers should make kids watch this TVC when they are teaching their pupils the meaning of ‘oxymoron’ or should I say ‘oxy-moron’.

Ban the snack in a sporting event?
A brand that will ‘Stop Not’ making ads that don’t make sense, makes a fact about swimming incontrovertible, unlike golf or shooting or even lawn tennis that apparently does not require pin drop silence, one cannot have a snack while a player is taking a dive. What comes next is extremely rollicking, because a spectator gets munchies during a dive, and noshes on a pack of Stop Not Disks, the diver who apparently was about to win a gold medal falls from the top on the concrete and still lives because of the quake and crunch the piddling snack makes. The entire TVC reminds me of the KurKure ad which had the imaginary giant four armed monster rabbit thump the kid. Similarly, an old lady in the ad, explain the malefactor the malevolence he has committed and smacks him into outer space, where he is buoyantly munching away to glory. After watching this ad, it seems like eight year olds are running creative agencies these days, now I am scared of becoming an entrepreneur in the future. At least Perfetti Van Melle could have done better, where did all the other O&Ms go?

Sugar Rush
Ever heard of the term ‘sugar-rush’? Akshay Kumar will explain how. Good news for those who are on a low sugar diet and use Sugarfree Natura, you will now be effectual to, jump off moving trailers Matrix style, dance longer, hit harder and also play with your kids till everyone exhausts themselves and call quits. The best part about it is the fact that, the celebrity recognises the fact that he lives his life in a bit more extreme manner due to Sugarfree Natura. Can’t say much when we are moving into a greedy world where everyone wants ‘Zyaada’. Another serious fact that I want to bring forth through industry sources is that India is the ‘Diabetic Capital’ if the world, instead of living an ‘over-active’ life like Akshay and using the synthetic alternative to sugar, why not increase the will to control. Well just a suggestion, don’t want to be too ‘sweet’ writing all this. Brands also have to survive somehow.

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