What did Dharini Mishra learn from a rainbow-haired youth

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Dharini Mishra

Dharini Mishra, Global head, Brand, Suzlon Group

For centuries now, the adult population of any generation tends to get dismissive of the youth and condescending of the old. As one who takes great pride in being objective and unbiased, Dharini Mishra, Global head, Brand, Suzlon Group, did not see herself plunge headlong into this age-old malady.

Mishra speaks to Impact, as the weekly media, marketing and advertising magazine from the exchange4media Group celebrated its 8th anniversary lately, how one should not formulate opinions without knowing them…

“Every time I saw this barely-in-his-twenties hard rock fan, with a rainbow of colours in his hair lounging at a café outside my house with his buddies of similar demographics, I would lapse into a rant about today’s youth wasting their time blah blah.

“One day, I was shocked to see the rainbow-haired youth at my door. Though apprehensive, I was surprised by his respectful manner and a cultured voice. Reluctantly inviting him in, I realized that he was a management student. Avik (as he was named) lived in the next building with his grandfather. He had written a paper on digitization of Indian consumers and wanted me to critique it. In 15 minutes, he made his case with mature insights in the subject.

“Avik’s grandfather was another eyeopener. With child-like enthusiasm and thirst for learning, he is digitally savvy and abreast of all social media tools. Constantly learning new technologies with Avik’s help, he keeps in touch with friends, children & grandchildren across countries. Avik’s respect for his grandfather and the old man’s understanding of his grandson seem astounding. They are best friends. Thank you, Avik, for making me appreciate the exuberance of youth and the wisdom of age.”

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