‘Communication works best if you catch people when they are alone’

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Sudeep Narayan

Sudeep Narayan, Marketing & PR Director, Volvo India

Sudeep Narayan, Marketing & PR Director, Volvo India stresses on the need for novelty in creative content with exchange4media Group’s weekly publication IMPACT as it celebrated its eighth anniversary.

“We always ask people, ‘Is it a good time to talk?’ So in the case of marketing communication, we need to ask, ‘Will this be a good time to converse?’ If it is, we should find out which part of the day, what part of the year and what message is appropriate – all these things need to be intertwined. It is very important to intertwine the creative messaging with timing and look at what frame of mind the respondent is going to be in. Communication works best if you catch people when they are absolutely by themselves, because then you are talking one-to-one. A fabulous example of personalized messaging is an outdoor campaign by Mini. It was a cantilever hoarding with a camera, and whenever a Mini passed it, the camera could detect the registration number of the car, which would provide the car-owner’s name, and the hoarding would change to ‘Hello Abhinav’ or ‘Hello Sunita’!

There has to be some novelty in creative content, catching the consumer unawares in a nice sort of way. But, there is a risk that you can be caught unawares in a not-so-nice way too, unless the marketer takes good care.”

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