Reporter’s Diary: Journey of a nocturnal bird

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From the price of gold touching a record high to O&M winning Gold at various awards, from in-depth analysis of the Budget to the creative thought process behind Idea’s Honey Bunny ad, and from Moody’s downgrading the countries to experts expressing their views on ads – it has been a long and eventful journey.

It is no more a question of winter warming poultry prices or sugar remaining flat on thin trade, but it has moved to agencies winning new business or calling for a creative review. Gone are the days of starting work at 3 pm and firing the edition at 8:30 pm without any delays and carefully rushing through some of the most disastrous copies. We were renamed as the ‘Generals’ of the army, who used to give directions to the so-called ‘foot soldiers’. Reducing a 1,000 word copy to 400 words made me feel like a murderer, designing the page with straps, blurbs and pictures made me feel like the best designer and using Quark so efficiently made me feel like a tech-guru. However, the idea of visiting exotic destinations around the world free of cost was perhaps best loved.

Now, I live in a different world of creativity, innovation and youthfulness. It is about chasing the right people at the right time. I fall into the category of a foot soldier that completes the journey between three states. All thanks to my fate that the product launches happen in Delhi, creative agencies are headquartered in Gurgaon and the office falls in Noida. How about getting a call saying: “I don’t want you to publish this”? How about getting an early morning mail saying: “Why did you waste my time when you didn’t have to carry the story today”? Say hello to the perils of journalism.

However, the hunt for pitches from client-servicing people, regular calls to creative directors for account wins and the feeling of victory after getting an exclusive review article is unmatchable. Everything falls behind when you see the articles in the ‘Most Read’ section, whether it is getting sandwiched between people in the metro to the crazy fights with the auto drivers for the sky-rocketing fares.

Ideas behind CCD coming up with its first ever TVC to Intel’s new marketing strategy is no more a far cry. I have got the privilege to meet thought-leaders and interact with them on burning issues at the e4m Conclave that has helped in expanding my horizons.

It’s been an exciting journey from editing to reporting and from print to online. Weekly columns and reviews have been replaced by daily dose of features and creative views. I cannot deny that the new organisation has helped in developing some good habits and I am no more a nocturnal bird who used to sleep at 4 am and get up at 1 pm.

I have accepted my transition from print to online, but I think the industry hasn’t. Even after 10 days of long interactions, they don’t know my work place and sometimes it is surprising to be introduced to the spokesperson as “Twishy from one of the leading print media companies”. I get astonished on questions like: “Do you work for both the organisations?” It makes me feel, “Dear ladies, I haven’t risen to the ranks of distinguished editors who can enlighten readers by their thoughts on two platforms at the same time. Though, I will in some time.”

I have sometimes faced criticism from the industry, but Robert Frost’s lines – “I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep” – inspire me to walk that extra mile and take the road less travelled.

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