Oye! What’re Rupa and the Racold umpire upto?

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When does an ad click with the audience? When the reminiscence lives on for a while or when the audience talks about it? I somehow think that ‘established’ brands these days are not thinking out of the box, rather languid with the brand recall they claim to have. New brands and SMEs on the other hand are trying to make a mark with innovation. Will these new brands also join the psalm of modern day advertising, or will they endure to be out of the box? Only time will tell. Here are a few ads that are a flip-side to the word ‘outshine’.

Man-handling baby
Can motherhood be juxtaposed with changing diapers, feeding, sterilising, making the baby burp and making aberrant noises to make the baby eat? Well most mothers would disagree as the feeling is unexampled and unique to their gender only. BabyOye.com has a new line of thought. The TVC shows the father explaining to his wife all the elements of ‘motherhood’ as he has discovered the same on BabyOye.com where people discover ‘easy shopping’. Seems that is good news for the males, just ‘easy shop’ and get the vibe of motherhood. To top that up, Karishma Kapoor monopolises that the website has the widest range of baby products. With her stakes in the site, my catechism is, who is her target audience? Is it the XY chromosome or the XX? To clear out the indubitable situation, women are empowered today with credit cards and well versed with online monetary transactions. Who knows the next thing BabyOye is out with, is another Jabong TVC.

In the shoes of the umpire
Winters are right around the corner and everybody likes to take a hot shower. Yes, even the Cricket umpires do. This new TVC by Racold throws light upon the disconsolate life of the umpire. Apparently, nobody likes him on the pitch, he is shouted upon, ridiculed and has to tie the shoelace of the batsmen from time to time. Even after perduring all that, he is still on the pitch and the secret behind his endurance is Racold electronic geysers. ‘Reborn every morning’ is the tagline of the TVC, as if people or umpires per se, don’t bathe any other time of the day? It is also capricious to see how an umpire and not a six-pack sportsman or a model is shown under the shower taking bath. I don’t know how others are letting this pass? Maybe because he is a ‘firang’.

Terms from yore to keep warm
I am guessing that the religious extremists in our country are too busy with their own misfortune, or the new Rupa Thermocot ad would be facing misfortunes galore. What does ‘swaha’ really mean? In Hinduism it means ‘hail’, in Tibetan culture it means ‘so be it’ and the RigVeda calls it ‘oblation’. So how does the term connect with Neha, Sneha, Priya with the yellow scarf, Trisha with the treadmill, hoity-toity Sweety, Preeti with the tight Jeans, Ananya with the polka dot umbrella and Lovleen with the lavender laptop? Apparently the inner is exemplified in a way that makes the user feel warm to attract ‘swahas’ aka girls on the streets. Well, Rupa Knitwear tries very hard to affix the undifferentiated example of the holy fire and the ‘swaha’ offering but, is it to show that the pulchritudinous girls are holy and pure? Maybe when they called their saint to coin the term, instead of ‘tathaastu’ he must have said ‘swaha’.

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