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    Move over chocolates; Donuts now a mithai alternative

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    If you come across a Polar Bear standing outside the theatre after you have watched Dabangg 2, giving donuts and a coupon that says for every Rs 100 you spend you get a donut free, you are in for a treat. Dunkin Donuts has launched a new campaign for the entire winter season where every…

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    Shopping: Sony top search; Flipkart rising

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    Sony may not have had great product launches in the last 12 months, yet on Google trends in India, the brand features as a top search brand for ‘shopping’ on Google Trends. Meanwhile, Flipkart is the brand to look forward to, which is rising on Google Search as a ‘shopping’ category and has seen a…

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    FDI in Retail: A Game Changer

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    2012 – One more year of policy paralyses, a slew of corruption scandals and lackadaisical governance. Another year of lost opportunities and the yawning disconnect between the government’s actions (read inactions) and the ‘aam aadmi’s’ woes becoming even starker. As tempted as I might be to continue my tirade against the government, the optimist in…

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    Mujhe Dhai Sau Graam Aurat Nahin Banana

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    And what is it in a car that I see that reminds me of a woman? And what is it in an alcohol brand that I see that reminds me of a woman? And what is it in the lyrics of a song that I hear that remind me of a woman? And I am…

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    But advertising still makes 250 graam aurat

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    Why do 90 per cent of the advertisements have to have women? Well I do understand it is the extra ‘oomph’ that a woman adds but what is the connect? Why are women used as the point of focus for advertisements be it print, TV, OOH? Some advertisers say that it is to maintain a…

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    Marcia Tal, Pankaj Rai, Mohan Jayaraman, Ashok Banerjee to speak at Pitch Analytics in Action

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    Come January 16, 2013, Pitch in Bangalore is going to host Analytics in Action, a day long conference being held for the first time, roping in marketers, planners and analytics practitioners from retail, telecom, BFSI, FMCG, e-commerce and many other industry verticals to Demystify Analytics.  Pitch Analytics in Action aims to deliberate on aspects relevant…

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    Rock the talk: Nokia tries trendification for Lumia

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    With industry sources hinting at an application download rate of about 10 crore in India every month, Nokia Lumia 510 has launched a 360-degree campaign called ‘Trendify’ and roped in Maxus India as well as RockeTalk, for the launch of this in-app mobile media property to cater to an active audience of One crore. Earlier…

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    Eternity of brands in 2013

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    We did not change as we grew older; we just became more clearly ourselves. -Lynn Hall Every editorial platform is taking out its Year Ender, analysing and dissecting what worked, what didn’t, which brands made the cut and the ones that failed. I, however, would like to peek into 2013 and predict the brands that…

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    The Top 100 powerful digital mavens of India

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    At the cusp of a new year, IMPACT has compiled a list of 100 digital czars as well as relative newbies who are changing the game in the digital domain. Christened the IMPACT Digital Power 100, the comprehensive list marks the emergence of an entirely new ecosystem in the country and the digital domain. It…