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    White Paper: Emergence of Digital Marketing Officer in BFSI sector

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    This white paper aims at driving the point of how Digital Advertising is fast growing and reaching a peak in the BFSI Segment and how BFSI players need to join the bandwagon before it’s late. It also aims at creating the need to not just consider Digital Marketing as a part of Marketing but give…

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    Segment to focus and maximise profits

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    Is it near sighted or farsighted? Does your segmentation strategy begin by identifying a business opportunity and goes all the way to consumer adoption behaviour or does it fall short? Does it start too late or stop too early? Are you trying to use the same segmentation approach for each decision set you make? Segmentation,…

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    Watch out: Titan targets 400 EBOs by fiscal end

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    The nation’s time-keeper, Titan Industries, is hoping to add 40 more exclusive brand outlets (EBOs) by the end of this fiscal year, in the country, to add to its current number of 350. It also plans to open 75 smaller format EBOs in Tier-III and -IV towns in the coming year. According to Rajan Amba,…

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    Samsung’s Android camera to target social imaging space

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    In a bid to stay ahead in the smart devices space, Korean Electronics leader, Samsung recently announced the launch of its Android based Samsung Galaxy camera in India. With the 3G and Wi-Fi enabled camera priced at Rs 29,900, Samsung hopes to exploit the fact that India is standing at the helm of social instantaneous…

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    Anything is Fair in Love, War & Politics!

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    The skyline is full of huge billboards announcing development plans, radio is full of jingles singing praise of the roads and infrastructure, television is busy covering rallies, twitter is getting updated every second and political leaders are busy going from one city to the other reaching out to thousands of people! Yes welcome to Gujarat!…

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    Funnily So: At a Client’s office

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    It’s Monday and we have projections for the week ahead. Targets and deadlines to meet. Rather than worrying about it, let’s take everything step by step and let’s start the week with some humour.

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    Blackmailing travel agents, crazy classifieds, copy pasted radio ads & more

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    What is shown is usually never done and what is heard is usually never seen. These are the advertising principles that brands are banking on these days and to top that with a pinch of salt, brands try very hard to denature profaneness with facetiousness. I always mention this question towards the ever-so-amazed and ad-indulging…

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    Through the PR Lens

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    Public Relations industry in India, though still at a nascent stage, has undergone a marked change in its roles and scope. While the ethos of the industry has remained the same, a traditional public relations professional has now assumed the role of a strategic communications consultant. Prestival 2012, a two-day long PR conference organised last…

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    Will the new BMW X6 be just an eye candy?

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    BMW India has drawn the curtain to what it claims to be two major announcements in India. A 1,30,000 square feet premium showroom and integrated after-sales touch point along with the unveiling of the new BMW X6.  According to Deutsche Motoren, which is the authorised dealer for the car in India, the facility is the…

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    ‘Finance has to constantly engage’

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    In an interview with Pitch, Ajay Kakar, Chief Marketing Officer, Aditya Birla Group – Financial Services, talks about the importance of digital media for the financial sector. Excerpts… How important is the digital medium as a tool for marketing for Aditya Birla Financial Group? The first trend that we can see in India is that…